Volunteering Done Right:

Partner West Africa (PWA) is a UK-registered, grass-roots, non-profit, charitable non-governmental organisation (NGO). We work to support, protect and empower vulnerable West African children, families and communities, and to engage members of the international community to become responsible global citizens through our award-winning volunteer projects.

Our core aims & objectives, achieved through a broad range of disciplines, are to reduce child poverty and mortality, improve access to education, protect gender rights, sustainably improve communties, and improve the livelihoods of the underprivileged. These outcomes are achieved in partnership with volunteers from all over the world working across a small but well targeted range of PWA volunteering projects.

As well as delivering our own development projects year round, we are almost unique in the Development Sector in that we allow volunteers to join our team in a fully integrated manner, working on bespoke volunteer placements which we design with you through extensive consultation. If you volunteer with PWA, you are not a well meaning tourist or temporary guest, but a respected and responsible member of our team.

This unusual level of access to genuine, field-based development work is why PWA attracts the most dedicated volunteers and why we consistently score the very highest levels of volunteer satisfaction and feedback year after year.

As a UK-based charity we are registered and overseen by the UK Charity's Commission and have a well-established operational head-quarters and international volunteering division in Ghana, West Africa - where we are currently seeking certification by the Ghanaian Department of Social Welfare to undertake humanitarian & developmental works nation-wide.
Importantly, we are a key member of the  'Better Volunteering, Better Care' Network's Global Working Group - the leading international body concerned with preventing harm to children caused by volunteer interaction or volunteering projects, and we are a leading voice in the campaign to end 'orphanage volunteering' and protect already vulnerable children from the emotional distress associated with short-term relationship engagement with international volunteers.
Best-Practice, Ethical, Development Approaches:

Through strategic alliances with local communities, & traditional Chiefs, international volunteers & volunteering groups, and schools & academic institutes, we build bridges, foster empathy, understanding, and share knowledge & resources that allow West Africans to build a brighter future.

All of our projects & programmes are specifically designed to compliment in word and spirit the aims and objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015; the framework agreed by the international community to identify and help address the most critical humanitarian challenges facing man and women-kind today.

Finally, the 'Partner' in Partner West Africa describes the collaborative approach at the centre of our model. Our focus on collaborative and strategic partnerships builds on our belief that the challenges the world faces today require comprehensive, holistic, cooperative responses. No person or organisation can effect sufficient change alone. So by harnessing the knowledge and skills that our international volunteers (both individuals and groups), academic experts, partner organisations and local and international community members provide, Partner West Africa seeks to design robust and fully inclusive, sustainable solutions to local development challenges.

For that reasonPartner West Africa embodies the values inherent in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No.17: the 'revitalization of global partnerships for international development'.

Experts in our Field:

Our Board of Directors in the UK have extensive backgrounds in education, social work, family support services, and the management and administration of charities. Our UK-based team manage and administrate PWA, focusing on strategy, fund-raising and policy, ensuring our practice and approaches meet the highest international standards of accountability, transparency and ethical best-practice. As well as guiding and having ultimate oversight of the organisation's global activities, our UK team also provide an effective presence for our UK-based partners, including the range of schools and universities we are engaged in formal partnership with. The work undertaken in the UK directly supports the delivery of the work we undertake on the ground in West Africa.

Our operational team in Ghana, West Africa, work on the design, delivery and review of international development projects, particularly at the grass-roots, community level. The small but family-feel team have valuable experience delivering a broad range of projects in multiple disciplines, including child-care & child-rights, education, healthcare, community development, gender equality, and poverty reduction, amongst many others. Our Ghana-based team live and work in the West African communities they serve year round, establishing trust and developing a deep understanding of local development priorities, actors and opportunities. There are many reasons why this approach is both ethically important and operationally more effective, for a deeper understanding of these issues please visit the website of the respected internaional volunteering think-tank, 'Responsible Volunteering'.

Contact Us:
For more information about our organisation, the work we do, the volunteering opportunities we offer, or how you can get involved to support us in a range of other valuable ways, please browse the rest of our website, follow us through the social media links at the top of this page, or get in contact with a member of our team to learn more.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we hope to welcome you to the Partner West Africa family.
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Of volunteers surveyed over 3 years rated our service as "Excellent" and would "Recommend PWA to a friend or family member".


What our Volunteers Say

How You Can Help

2018 Christmas Appeal: Getting Children into School

Here at Partner West Africa, we have always believed in the power of education and have directed most of our activity in Ghana to enabling children to go to school.

This Christmas we are asking for your help to send 10 children to school who might not otherwise be able to go, we hope to raise £1000 to do this.

Can you help?

Our Malaria Prevention Programme

Malaria is one of the major causes of child mortality, for children aged under 5, in our local communities. PWA has been delivering an all-inclusive, collaborative anti-Malaria programme to respond to this silent killer. Working in partnership with the Ghana Healthcare Service, other NGOs and academic institutions, PWA delivers best-practice Malaria testing, treatment, education, and distribution of preventative resources (such as malaria nets and repellents). Please support this most critical of appeals & help us save lives!

Free Entry: Virgin Sport British 10k Run - Westminster

Partner West Africa is proud to announce we have again this year secured tickets for the prestigious Virgin Sports 10k run in Westminster, London. So we are calling on our friends and supporters to take up the mantle and run on behalf of our charity to raise a minimum of £150 to support our important work in Ghana. If you would like to learn more, please click for further information.

Our Current Projects & Programmes

New - The PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre

Based in Partner West Africa's compound between Kokrobite & Oshieye, Ghana, you will soon find the humble but heart-warming PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre for Vulnerable Children. 

Opened in 2014, but closed for review & refurbishment in 2018, the Centre will offer the most vulnerable local children - of creche age - daily care, a nutritious feeding programme, safe drinking water, immunisations & daily healthcare, a pre-school education, and a safe and caring environment in-which children can be children.
Quite simply, the Centre will both save and improve children's lives. And for that reasPWA is currently seeking volunteers, parters and donors to help us relaunch the Centre for many years to come.

Creative Early-Years Education & Child Rights

A fantastic programme providing vulnerable, young, West African children with access to a creative education that promotes imagination, exploration, and access to creative extra-curricular activities. At the same time, this programmme protects the right of children to have access to a free and fun childhood, in which children are free to be children. This programme helps to achieve the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 4: 'Quality Education': from policy to practice, this programme brings magic to little minds.

International Schools Partnership Programme

PWA's 'International Schools Partnership Programme' has been operational since 2013 & has created effective and valuable partnerships between schools in West Africa and schools from the international community, allowing students to reach out to their counter-parts from different backgrounds, cultures and circumstances. The Programme offers cultural & academic projects & field trips which bring children together, breaking down cultural barriers, unpicking prejudices, & encouraging children to become responsible global citizens.


Our role is to remove the hard-work and risk from your staff in the planning & execution of what are often complex, ethical, logistically demanding relationships.

Malaria Prevention Programme (MPP)

PWA's Malaria Prevention Programme (MPP) delivers a range of malaria screening, prevention, and education services which allow local families to protect themselves. Based on the high level of infant and child mortality associated with malaria in our local communities, this programme, quite simply, saves lives. Having passed through it's Phase-1 research, testing & implementation, our MPP is now being scrutinsed by our monitoring & evaluation team to prepare our 2017 MPP scope of works.

Children's Health, Hygiene & Nutrition

This Partner West Africa programme offers a broad range of free and essential basic healthcare services to vulnerable children & families across Ghana. With a focus on family and children's healthcare, hygiene, bacteria control, and food preparation - for a balanced and nutritious diet - we undertake a broad range of community workshops and events, covering both theory and practice - allowing local people to improve their own living conditions & helping achieve the objectives of the United Nations SDG No. 3 'Health & Well Being'.

New - Female Health & Gender Equality

In this new Partner West Africa programme, we are seeking help to establish and build an effective and sustainable set of services that will truly empower and protect women and girls from the local, underprivileged Ghanaian communities we serve.

This programme aims to raise awareness about, and deliver services to support, gender rights and women's healthcare and ensure that Partner West Africa can develop best practice policies and approaches in this critical area of gender empowerment.
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