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A child from our 2016 Christmas Appeal for West African Children rejoices at receiving his first ever Christmas present!
A child from our 2016 Christmas Appeal for West African Children rejoices at receiving his first ever Christmas present!
Children in Agbogbloshie, Ghana, where PWA will offer food, healthcare & educational support this Christmas
Another little soul is provided with her first ever Christmas gift of toys, clothes, a food parcel and her first toothbrush
Partner West Africa visits children in our local communities to identify the most vulnerable who need support
Thank you for your donation... from the children of Ghana, West Africa

Support Our 2018 Christmas Appeal

Gifts that Change Lives

Date Posted: 01/02/2018

Our 2018 Christmas Appeal will help support PWA's work with some of the most under-privileged children in West Africa. PWA works in communities where child mortality sadly results in 1 in 5 children dying before their fifth birthday. Because we are a local community-based NGO, you can be confident that we fully understand the needs of our partner communities and that your money will be used to address the most serious local priorities and challenges.


You can donate ANY amount, and for guidance purposes your donations could help us provide, for example...

- £6: Clean Drinking Water for one family for one month.

- £28: A School Starters Pack for one young child (1x children's rucksack, 1x lunch box, 1x pack of pens & pencils, 1x maths set, and 1x writing pad).

- £67: A Malaria Treatment & Prevention Pack for a family of four (4x malaria testing & treatment kits, 1x family-size insecticide treated malaria net, and 3x months supply of mosquito repellent).

Donate Now:

Please Donate to PWA's 2018 Christmas appeal using the below, secure, online payment system: Charitycheckout.

Please remember, no amount is too small!

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More Information About This Appeal:

We are a small charity but that does not mean that we cannot make a big difference to the lives of children who, without our help, might be severely malnourished, prone to serious (and often fatal) diseases like malaria, and highly unlikely to ever attend school because of poverty. 

Here are some of the things we do to make a difference:

  • Agbogbloshie is one of the biggest and most toxic waste sites in the world. It has been a disposal site for  waste from the developed world for many years. 40,000 people live there, in appalling conditions, drawn there as they can earn a living trawling through the waste to salvage anything that can be sold. It is dirty and very dangerous. Part of this population are 1000s of children, some of whom also work on the site. Amina is an inhabitant of Agbogbloshie, and a friend and partner of PWA, who every day, cares for up to 50 children (aged 1-3) so their mothers can work. She has one room, which is dark and extremely hot. She feeds the children and does her best to keep them safe. We help her with food, water, clothes and sometimes toys for the children and this year we would like to make sure every child under her care has a special Christmas.
  • Malaria is a killer, especially of young children. Understanding the disease, what causes it, how to prevent it and if the worst happens, treat it, all play an essential part in reducing the impact on communities. Through PWA's Malaria Prevention Programme we provide education programmes for communities which include access to screening for the disease and initial treatment. Getting a sick child with malaria treated quickly  could save a life this Christmas.
  • Preventing diseases like malaria is one part of increasing a child’s life chances. Having enough nutritious food and understanding about essential personal hygiene are others. For that reason, we hope your donations will help us expand and deliver real change through PWA's Child & Family Health & Nutrition Programme this Christmas.

Much of PWA's work happens within our local, traditional, Ghanaian communities. But the most significant results achieved by PWA have been through our Daycare and Nursery Centre for Vulnerable Children. Here some of the most vulnerable children in the community receive food, safe drinking water, healthcare, a basic education, and a safe and loving environment each day. 

So this Christmas, please help PWA change lives by making a donation of any amount that you can be absolutely certain WILL reach and help some of the most under-priviledged and deserving children and families across West Africa.

Thank you, from the Partner West Africa Team.

Author: Partner West Africa

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