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Posted on 25/11/2018

What's in a Name?

written by
In Ghana names are very important, they can say what day a person was born on, what order they were born in e.g. 2nd born or special circumstances surrounding their birth e.g. in war.  Here ...
Posted on 23/11/2018

Common Misconceptions and Stereotypes About Africa

written by
Here discuss some common misconceptions and stereotypes about Africa.   
Posted on 01/11/2018

Stewart's Masters Masterpiece

written by Stewart - PWA Volunteer
Stewart was one of our summer 2018 volunteers, but wasn't a volunteer in the usual sense. He worked with Partner West Africa to collect data for his Masters in Environmental Health ...
Posted on 05/10/2018

#VolunteerTakeover: Stingless Bees

written by Freya - PWA Volunteer
Stingless Bees   Freya has been chatting about animals found in Ghana over social media this week. Here she looks in more depth at stingless bees which are also found here ...
Posted on 03/10/2018

New Developments in Malaria Prevention, Detection and Treatment

written by Partner West Africa
New Developments in Malaria Prevention, Detection and Treatment   It's always great to find out about new ways to tackle malaria, here are just a few of the most recent ...
Posted on 20/09/2018

A Book for Every Mood

written by Sophie - PWA Volunteer Manager
While there are plenty of ‘outside’ activities for you to do in the evenings and weekends, but many volunteers enjoy having time to read a few books while they stay with ...
Posted on 14/09/2018

Lydia's Travels in Accra

written by Lydia- PWA Volunteer
Lydia's Travels in Accra Accra, the capital city of Ghana, has many opportunities for fun day trips. I had a day well spent learning some history of Ghana and hitting some of ...
Posted on 10/09/2018

6 Steps to Ethical Volunteering

written by Omprakash
See this blog post about the why, how, what, who and where of ethical volunteering. Then take a look at Partner West Africa's volunteer programmes and find out how we can use your ...
Posted on 05/09/2018

What a Scrapyard in Ghana Can Teach Us About Innovation

written by TED Talk by DK Osseo-Asare
This inspiring people of Agbogbloshie, including our partner Amina, who provides childcare to some of the most vulnerable women, are part of PWA’s work which aims to ...
Posted on 31/08/2018

#VolunteerTakeover Ghana's Superfoods

written by Lydia - PWA Volunteer
#VolunteerTakeover Ghana's Superfoods In Ghana, nutrient deficiencies are relatively common. Some children struggle to get enough calories, and many more do not consume adequate ...
Posted on 27/08/2018

Top 5 Tips for Volunteering from ABTA

written by ABTA
The Association of British Travel Agents published 5 top tips for students who recently received their A-level results and who are looking at travelling or volunteering on a gap year. ...
Posted on 22/08/2018

Lydia's Blog

written by Lydia - PWA Volunteer
Lydia is volunteering with us for 3 months and is focussing on nutrition. She's writing a blog about her time in Ghana, keep up to date here 
Posted on 19/08/2018

#volunteertakeover Ethics of Photography

written by Emily - PWA Volunteer
This week #volunteertakeover has been a celebration of our volunteer’s favourite photographs, here PWA volunteer Emily discusses some of her thoughts around the ethics of photography ...
Posted on 13/08/2018

From the Other Side

written by Eugene
A powerful interview capturing voices of adults who grew up in an orphanage: From the Other Side
Posted on 24/07/2018

What You Need to Know About Ghana

written by
If you're thinking of volunteering with us in Ghana, you should check out this article for a great at-a-glance summary of all things Ghana. Everything from politics, education ...
Posted on 07/07/2018

#volunteertakeover Foodie Thoughts

written by Izzy - PWA volunteer
For some time now the efficiency and health hazards attached to cooking methodologies using charcoal and firewood smoking have been a concern of the global north. Undoubtedly, Ghanaian ...
Posted on 06/06/2018

Trends and Voluntourism, is it Good or Bad?

written by GivingWay
Trends and Voluntourism, is it Good or Bad? According to a survey of over 40 Travel Bloggers, NGO Directors, and World Influencers, Voluntourism can be positive if done right. Here ...
Posted on 28/05/2018

A Single Story

written by TED Talk
Anyone who spends time travelling or volunteering will have stories to tell. In this TED Talk, author Chimamanda Adichie talks about the danger of a single, one sided story and her ...
Posted on 23/05/2018

Western Privilege

written by Everyday Feminism Magazine
Western privilege, first world privilege, whatever name you give it, it is alive and kicking, though it’s something many people haven’t considered, especially if you’ve ...
Posted on 15/05/2018

Beating Malaria For Good

written by
The small island paradise of Sao Tome and Principe is showing Africa how to beat malaria. This is amazing news, it’s great to hear that one of our West African neighbours is doing ...
Posted on 02/05/2018

Why do You Want to Volunteer?

written by Partner West Africa
Why do you want to volunteer? In this article Claire Bennett and her co-authors identified several popular reasons for volunteering abroad whilst doing research for their book: To ...
Posted on 23/04/2018

How to be a Good Voluntourist

written by Mockingbird Travel
We don’t want to stop people from volunteering, only to help people become ‘good’ volunteers. This is a great blog that bursts a few ‘happy bubbles’ about ...
Posted on 15/04/2018

More Powerful Mosquito Net Reduces the Incidence of Malaria

written by BBC
As an NGO working in the field of malaria prevention it’s great to see new developments that help reduce the incidence of this deadly disease. Check out this short video clip ...
Posted on 12/04/2018

Volunteering Abroad? Read This Before You Post That Selfie.

written by WMOT Roots Radio
A photo is worth a thousand words, or so they say, and in a world where emojis, stickers, GIF’s, filters and bitmojis rule it’s easy to see why we respond to anything visual. ...
Posted on 30/12/2017

How PWA Do Volunteering Differently

written by Prosper - PWA Volunteer
My two months summer work with Partner West Africa (PWA) as a volunteer Project Assistant, has given me an insight into what they do, which has been interesting coming from my previous ...
Posted on 08/11/2017

Volountourism: More Harm Than Good?

written by Savage Magazine
This article discusses some of the ethical considerations in volunteering overseas and ends up concluding that as well as volunteers being sensitive to their placements and time-frame, ...
Posted on 20/10/2017

A Not So Helping Hand

written by Buzzsaw Magazine
Another great read about considerations when thinking about international volunteering. One of the points the article makes is around the impact volunteers expect to make and how quickly ...
Posted on 15/09/2017

The Ethical Importance of the International Schools Partnerships Programme

written by Juliet - PWA Volunteer
At the heart of every volunteering experience is the desire to help. It’s a desire that I believe most people feel at one point or another in their lives, the moment when you ...
Posted on 06/09/2017

How to be a Socially Concious Traveller

written by Washington Post
An interesting article about socially conscious travelling (and volunteering) from the Washington Post. It argues that volunteering and travelling don’t always mix which can often ...
Posted on 01/09/2017

Volunteers Learn Too!

written by Partner West Africa
There’s no denying that Ghanaian schools are different to UK schools, but wherever you live children are children and all enjoy having visitors adding a special activity into ...
Posted on 22/08/2017

7 half marathons in 7 days

written by Sophie - PWA Manager
Abbey Mulla has raised in excess of £2000 for Partner West Africa over the last couple of years, in June 2017 he achieved his goal of running 7 half marathons on 7 consecutive ...
Posted on 07/08/2017

Water Wipeout Fundraiser

written by Sandy Craig - PWA Trustee
Partner West Africa relies on the support of generous donors and supporters who involve themselves in all sorts of physically demanding activities to raise funds. This month we want ...
Posted on 19/07/2017

Greater Accra Tops in Maternal Deaths

written by My Joy Online
Take a read of this news article…in 2016 the Greater Accra region – the region in which Partner West Africa (PWA) is based –  had the highest rates of maternal ...
Posted on 03/07/2017

Investing in Nutrition

written by The World Bank
Read this article which discusses what investment needs to happen to reach global nutrition targets. It references the importance of the first 1,000 days, from conception to the child’s ...
Posted on 18/06/2017

Funding Orphanages: Is It Helping or Hurting?

written by Go Philanthropic Foundation
An interesting story about one organisation questioning their stance on supporting orphanages and their change in focus as a result of considering the all-important ethical implications ...
Posted on 05/06/2017

Does voluntourism benefit locals?

written by University of Toronto
One of the overriding elements discussed in this article from the University of Toronto about whether volountourism benefits local people, is Partnerships. “The research…[pointed] ...
Posted on 23/05/2017

The Personal Impact of Volunteering

written by The Guardian
There are a thousand ways to volunteer, though different to the work of Partner West Africa, this article shows the powerful impact volunteering can have on a person’s way of ...
Posted on 17/05/2017

Volunteering for change: identifying responsible overseas charity work

written by Oxford University
Here Joe, a student and past volunteer from the University of Oxford, talks about some of the criticisms and bad press that international volunteering has had, he also discusses some ...
Posted on 05/05/2017

Voluntourism and the Problem With Commercializing Charity

written by Affinity Magazine
It’s easy to commercialise charity. It makes money to commercialise charity. But what is the problem with commercialising charity? This question is discussed in detail here. The ...
Posted on 24/04/2017

Ethical Volunteering: A Case Study in IT

written by Partner West Africa
Here at Partner West Africa (PWA) our ethical volunteering model is based on sharing knowledge. Rather than having volunteers sign up to projects in which they have no prior experience ...
Posted on 08/04/2017

Partner West Africa: Your Student & University Volunteering Partner

written by Partner West Africa
Thinking about volunteering in Africa this summer?... keep on reading.   Partner West Africa (PWA), through their internal volunteering department, ‘Volunteer West ...
Posted on 06/04/2017

Not every student who volunteers abroad is out to boost their CV: volunteering done right

written by The Guardian
There is much research and discussion on what’s wrong with volunteering, this article highlights the benefits of international volunteering, when it’s done right. In ...
Posted on 05/04/2017

Safe, Effective Volunteering

written by The Guardian
Sending unprepared inadequately skilled volunteers into projects puts both the volunteer and the people and communities in which they are working in a difficult and often unsafe position. ...
Posted on 17/03/2017

Orphanage Caregivers' Perceptions on the Provision of Services to Orphans

written by The Journal of Children and Poverty
This journal article from the 'Journal of Children and Poverty' discusses the difficulties in caring for orphans in orphanages identified by the caregivers and staff working ...
Posted on 08/03/2017

Orphanage Volunteering Does More Harm Than Good

written by The Telegraph
Volunteering in orphanages is increasingly seen as something to be avoided, and with good reason. ‘The Telegraph’ writes an interesting piece drawing on opinions for several ...
Posted on 27/02/2017

Career Breaks and Volunteering for Professionals

written by The Guardian
More and more people are choosing to take a career break to pursue volunteering, an interesting discussion was written by ‘The Guardian’ about the benefits this group of ...
Posted on 21/02/2017

Problems, Coping and Efficacy: An Exploration of Subjective Distress in Oprhans Placed in Ghanaian Orphanages

written by Academic Journal
An interesting look into the problems orphans living in orphanages and non-orphans living in the family home find most stressful and the coping mechanisms employed to reconcile these ...
Posted on 14/02/2017

I Worked In Orphanages For Years But Now Know There Is No Substitute For Family

written by The Guardian
I worked in orphanages for years but now know there is no substitute for family: read the full article here. Partner West Africa are a member of the ‘Better Volunteering, Better ...
Posted on 02/02/2017

Volunteer Work Experience for International Development Graduates

written by Partner West Africa
There was an article written in the media recently about the difficulties faced by graduates wishing to break into the working world of international development and aid work. The issue ...
Posted on 19/01/2017

Unanticipated Outcomes of Voluntourism Among Malawi's Orphans

written by The Journal of Responsible Tourism
Another well-written academic paper exposing the ethical difficulties with the 'voluntourism' sector and its continued engagement in 'Orphanage Volunteering': 'Unanticipated ...
Posted on 04/12/2016

A day in the life of a PWA volunteer

written by Lucy - PWA Volunteer
Monday 28th November After a rest over the weekend I woke up at 7:15am and got up, dressed, and ready for some breakfast. After a couple of months I seem to have just about got the ...
Posted on 16/11/2016

A day in the life of a PWA volunteer

written by Rachel - PWA Volunteer
Hi! I’m Rachel, a 17-year-old girl from the Netherlands and I’m currently halfway through my 12 weeks as a  Partner West Africa volunteer. Today I will explain to you ...
Posted on 10/10/2016

Overview of Volunteer Feedback

written by Partner West Africa
We challenge you to find volunteering opportunities with feedback as constantly positive as ours... Although we are a small and young organisation, Partner West Africa ...
Posted on 28/09/2016

A day in the life of a PWA volunteer

written by Emma - PWA Volunteer
So, an average day as a Partner West Africa Volunteer… there’s no such thing as an average day! Let’s take today for instance, I woke up at 6am to meet Rose a community ...
Posted on 19/08/2016

The Engineers Without Borders Ghana Blog

written by Partner West Africa
As part of Partner West Africa's ongoing partnership with the international NGO 'Engineers Without Borders', we are currently hosting Josh, Alex and Erica, three University ...
Posted on 28/06/2016

Update on the PWA Malaria Prevention Programme

written by Partner West Africa
Here is an update on Partner West Africa's (PWA) Malaria Prevention Programme. Regular readers of our articles will know that since January 2016, we have been working with our volunteering ...
Posted on 24/05/2016

London School of Economics Article Condemning Orphanage Volunteering!

written by London School of Economics
A great read from the London School of Economics exploring the issues and difficulties associated with the practice of 'orphanage volunteering'   Before you consider ...
Posted on 24/05/2016

Fantastic Range of Articles on Ethical Volunteering: Must Read!

written by Pearltrees
For anyone considering volunteering abroad anytime soon, take a look through this fantastic range of articles, voices and opinions - collected together by Pearltrees - regarding ...
Posted on 24/05/2016

We don't like to boast, but yet again PWA meets all ethical volunteering standards!

written by USA Today
Here at Partner West Africa we are constantly scanning the news and volunteering community for any reports or recommendations which will help us to ensure that we are continuing to ...
Posted on 14/03/2016

Queen Mary's College, UK: A Field Trip to Ghana

written by Queen Mary's College Principal
Testimony by QMC College Principle, January 2016 As part of our 'International School's Partnership Programme', Partner West Africa arranged an educational and cultural ...
Posted on 16/02/2016

Malaria Prevention Programme First Update

written by Partner West Africa
This article on our Malaria Prevention Programme will be the first in a short series describing the work that Partner West Africa is engaged in, both here in the UK and in Ghana, ...
Posted on 15/02/2016

So Here's The Thing

written by Sandy Craig - PWA Trustee
Yesterday I was listening to a commentary on the radio about charities in the UK. The commentary was basically stressing the vast amount of money donated to charities in the UK (billions ...
Posted on 11/09/2015

Opeikuma: The Rights of Children, a Community, & How My Eyes Were Opened

written by Iniye Spiff - PWA Volunteer
Development is an interesting topic and it is fascinating to me how little attention many people pay to it. Over the past four years, I have had growing within me a desire to play a ...
Posted on 17/08/2015

International Citizen Service Support Partner West Africa

written by Partner West Africa
For a young and ethical organisation such as Partner West Africa, it is always hugely encouraging to receive the support and approval of internationally long-established market leaders ...
Posted on 02/07/2015

The United Nations 2015 Report on Volunteering

written by The United Nations
For all budding volunteers, the recently released United Nations Report on Worldwide Volunteering in 2015 is essential reading.   Download your copy here!  
Posted on 07/08/2014

Volunteering: Chrissy and West Africa's largest slum

written by Chrissy - PWA Volunteer
I have just returned from five weeks in Ghana with Partner West Africa (PWA). As a trustee of Partner West Africa, I was keen to visit Ghana to see the work being carried out there ...
Posted on 17/04/2014

Spotlight on...volunteering in Africa

written by University of Birmingham
Matt Craig, Co-founder and Director of Partner West Africa and internal volunteering department Volunteer West Africa, discusses the ethics of volunteering in Africa. &nbs ...
Posted on 15/04/2014

A day in the life of a PWA volunteer

written by Matt - PWA Volunteer
With the volunteer guest house situated so close to the long sandy beach, I begin as many days as I can with a morning run. Sometimes Chillie - the Partner West Africa (PWA) Volunteer ...
Posted on 10/04/2014

A day in the life of a PWA volunteer

written by Emily - PWA Volunteer
When considering a day in the life of a Partner West Africa (PWA) volunteer, it is very difficult to know where to start. My days can be extremely varied, offering me new and exciting ...
Posted on 20/02/2014

Article on Choosing an Ethical Volunteer Organisation

written by The Guardian
Trying to work out how to choose an ethical volunteering organisation? Take a read: ...
Posted on 23/12/2013

Access to Basic Education in Ghana

written by Academic Journal
Please click the link to read this article: "Access to Basic Education in Ghana"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Access to Education in Sub-saharan Africa

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to read this article: "Access to Education in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Chasing Spirits in Ghana

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to read this article: "Chasing spirits: Clarifying the spirit child phenomenon and infanticide in Northern Ghana"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Children's Mobility in Ghana

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to read this article: <a href="/resources/children" target="_blank" data-cke-saved-href="/resources/children" s-mobility635233134957573750.pdf'="">"Children's ...
Posted on 23/12/2013

Education Development through Volunteering

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to read this article: "Critical distance: doing development education through international volunteering"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Cross Cultural Examination of Student Volunteering

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to read this article: "A Cross-Cultural Examination of Student Volunteering"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Influence of Culture on Curriculum in Ghana

written by Academic Journal
Please click on the following link to view this article: "Influence of culture on curriculum development in Ghana"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Disability Culture in West Africa

written by Academic Journal
Please click on the following link to read this article: "Disability Culture in West Africa"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Effects of International Volunteering

written by Academic Journall
Please click on the link to read this article: "Effects of International Volunteering and Service"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Globalising Volunteering: VSO's Experience

written by Academic journal
Please click on the following link to view this article: "Globalising Volunteering: VSO's experience"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Volunteer Toursim in Ghana & its Critical Role in Development

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to view this article: "Helping or hindering? Volunteer tourism in Ghana and its critical role in development"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Longterm Poverty Reduction through Boreholes Provision in Rural Communities

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to view this article: "Longterm Poverty Reduction through Boreholes Provision in Rural Communities"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Volunteering in Ghana: A Life Changing Experience

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to view this article: "VOLUNTEERING IN A MAKESHIFT CLINIC IN GHANA: A LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE"
Posted on 23/12/2013

NGO Provision of Basic Education

written by Academic Journal
Please click on the following link to view this article: "NGO provision of basic education"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Apprehensions about Volunteering in Ghana

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to view this article: Apprehensions about Volunteering in Ghana
Posted on 23/12/2013

Volunteer Tourism: The Case for Habitat for Humanity

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to view this article: "Volunteer tourism: The case of Habitat for Humanity South Africa"
Posted on 23/12/2013

Volunteering in West Africa

written by Academic Journal
Please click the following link to read this article: Volunteering in West Africa
Posted on 21/02/2013

BBC Item on Gap Year Volunteering

written by BBC
This is an interesting BBC article with some valid points about some gap year travel motives and problems... well worth a read for those people considering volunteering with ...
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