Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

What work will I be doing?

Can I hear from past VWA Volunteers?

What is a typical day like on a volunteer placement?

What sort of people usually volunteer with VWA?

Does VWA accept applications from groups?

I am a concerned parent, will my son or daughter be safe during their volunteer placement?

Will I have free time for leisure & socialising?

Does VWA support the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

I am retired, is VWA for me?

What feedback or reviews can VWA provide to demonstrate its standards of service?

Can I bring donated items or money out for the children?

Can I volunteer with my partner or spouse?

I have special dietary requirements, is there food I can eat?

What do I need to pack?

What if I want to change my volunteer programme option?

What if I want to cut my placement short and return home early?

What are attitudes to homosexuality like in Ghana?

How can my family contact me in an emergency?

What if I wish to extend my programme?

How can I continue to support VWA after my return?

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