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Children's Nutrition Volunteer Programme Hospital Donations

Children's Nutrition Volunteer Programme Hospital Donations

Date Posted: 08/01/2016
If you are interested in children's health and nutrition then have a read to learn what VWA has been up to recently at the Accra Children's Hospital...
During December a fantastic group of volunteers from Queen Mary's College (QMC) in Basingstoke, UK, completed a placement with VWA in Ghana as a result of the UK Schools Partnership Programme successfully run by our sister organisation; Partner West Africa.

Among the many educational activities our teams put together for the QMC group was a visit to the Princess Marie Louise Children's Hospital in Accra. The staff at the hospital were brilliant, so friendly and happy to take time out of their day to explain everything to the group, a number of whom are considering careers in the medical and healthcare sectors. The group were given a fantastic and enlightening tour of the hospital during which they were particularly impressed by the work of the Nutrition Department. 

Malnourished children are sadly common in poorer areas of Accra and so the Nutrition Department at the hospital is always busy; some of the children need lots of care and some require feeding via a tube, others need less intensive support and attend the hospital each day as outpatients. The Nutrition Programme delivered by the hospital team was also of great interest to VWA staff members due to the many similarities between it and the Nutrition Programmes VWA operates in our local communities: both programmes cater for all children free of charge and include for an education programme for parents. This approach consists of teaching about food hygiene and sanitation which is important to ensure the children stay healthy and are able to utilise the nutrients from their food properly; balancing meals with all the food groups ensuring the diet provides enough energy and nutrition for healthy growth; and cooking classes allow the parents to gain valuable practical skills they can put into practice.

As a result, the programmes are very successful, not only as children leave better nourished than when they first arrived but also as parents leave better prepared, with more knowledge to provide their family with the best diet possible. The nurses tell us that the readmission rates at the department are very low and it is uncommon for any subsequent siblings to be referred for malnutrition, an impressive outcome that the nurses are rightly proud of!

Parents and children attend the programme throughout the week and are given a package of food for use over the weekend, some attend for only a week or two where as others stay for over a month. The hospital relies on donations to provide the food for teaching with and also for the parent's weekend food packages, so as a way of saying thank you for all their efforts with our friends at QMC, Volunteer West Africa returned this week with a hearty donation of healthy foods: rice, tomato paste, sardines and beans, to name a few. The nurses were so very grateful and it was of course lovely for our team to see smiles all around from parents and children! 
The VWA team returned with Brooke, a paediatric nurse with 20 years experience, who has joined the VWA for 2016, and Taylah, who joins VWA while studying pathology. Brooke will be helping consolidate and expand the healthcare programmes offered at VWA's children's daycare facility and Taylah is leading on the initial phase of our new malaria programme which aims to reduce the incidence of malaria in a sustainable way in the communities that we support! Just the right guys to build a longterm relationship with the hospital for a range of shared future VWA and PWA projects!

If you are interested in developing your expertise in nutrition or healthcare, then please get i touch with a member of our team to discuss the volunteer opportunities available through VWA throughout 2016! And, of course, thank you to everyone involved in the donation and visit to Princess Marie Louise Hospital... we look forward to many more opportunities to work together!

Sophie - VWA Volunteer
Author: Volunteer West Africa

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