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It's Finally Here: Meet the New PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre Sponsorship Scheme!

Date Posted: 14/08/2016
For a short introductory video, which provides an overview of the PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre's work, as well as an explanation as to why the centre is so critical to the local community, please take a moment to view the following:

'Introductory Video to the VWA Daycare & Nursery Centre Sponsorship Scheme!'

The time has finally come...

As all our friends and regular followers are well aware, in 2014 our charity inadvertently inherited a duty of care over 30 of the most vulnerable and, lets face it, rag-tag children available from the local, drastically underdeveloped community of Oshieye, in Ghana.
Thrust upon us unexpectedly, we agreed to offer the children temporary shelter in our compound as they were about to be evicted from the ramshackle building in which they had previously been gathering, under the care of a lady who was sadly taken ill and who had to retire almost immediately due to a heart complaint.
So, from that first day in 2014, when our team stood proud, curious and just a little confused, in front of 30 one to five year old children - who, we suspect, were just as equally confused - all wondering how we were about to provide, with no prior planning or preparation time, a fully functioning Daycare Centre, complete with a feeding programme, healthcare, educational classes, children's toilet facilities, and everything else we would come to learn was an essential requirement to look after these special little ones, two years have now passed... and it is safe to say that the centre is now in absolute full swing, and credited by the Ghanaian Healthcare Service for reducing local child mortality from 20% to less than 1%. 
Suffice-it to say... we challenge anyone to try and take away these beautiful children who have now become so central to all our lives! However, like any proud and responsible parents, we must now consider the longer term...
With a full time staff of teachers and carers, a professionally designed nutritious feeding programme, healthcare and health insurance for every child including a daily vitamin supplement programme, a rich educational environment with a curriculum and educational resources a-plenty, its safe to say the PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre has come a long way and is providing a full and rich service to an otherwise unsupported community.
So, as well as paying a huge thanks to all the staff, volunteers friends and supporters who have made this incredible and truly heartwarming journey possible, we must now fulfil our responsibility to ensure that we are able to continue to offer the many services the centre provides, that we can continue to fund the expansion and improvements the centre requires, and that we can continue to offer as many children as possible a placement at the centre for generation after generation to come!
But with rising costs in Ghana, the depreciation of the Pound, and the drive to offer ever improved and comprehensive services at the centre, it is absolutely critical that we now secure new, additional and stable income, to guarantee the centre's future and ensure it can become fully self sufficient financially, without the current need for our charity to conduct ad-hoc and fund raising to meet the centre's increased costs each month.
So, with great thanks to all have worked so hard to develop it, we are today proud to announce the launch of our new Daycare & Nursery Sponsorship Scheme: a scheme that provides you, your family, friends or colleagues, with an opportunity to make a huge difference to many children's lives via a single monthly donation - of any amount you choose - to help us sustain the centre and ensure it can become 100% self sufficient. If we can achieve our target of full sponsorship for the centre, we can plan with confidence to develop and operate the centre for many, many years to come: after two years we know we have something of tremendous value, so now its time to take this successful, if humble, home-grown project and turn it in to a fully funded, long-term Childcare Institution!
So, please, if you or anyone you know can support us in anyway, sign up to the sponsorship scheme, share the details with your friends and family, or even sign up to become one of the numerous international volunteers who sacrifice their time and expertise each year to help us improve and manage the centre... get involved. Until you have experienced it for yourself, you cannot imagine the difference your support will make at the centre!
For please take a moment to view the short introductory video below, which provides an overview of the centre's work, as well as an explanation as to why the centre is so critical to the local community:
The sponsorship scheme is incredibly simple and easy to set up online, using our dedicated sponsorship page on the world-class charitable payment system; CharityCheckout, and all donations are managed in the UK and overseen and audited through the stringent frameworks of the UK Charities Commission. So you can rest assured that your generous contribution will reach the children it is intended to help and your kindness will truly improve, and in some case help save, the lives of some of the most beautiful and deserving children imaginable!
If you would like to learn more about the scheme, or you think you can help us promote the scheme to new audiences, please get in contact with a member of our team today.
Thank you for your time, and thank you for anything you can contribute to this incredible and life-changing project!
With love and respect,from the Partner West Africa team.
Author: Partner West Africa

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