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Support our Christmas Appeal: 'Equip a Child for School'

Support our Christmas Appeal: 'Equip a Child for School'

Date Posted: 15/11/2016

It's that time again? Christmas is here. We bet the neighbour's neon garden decorations are just days from sneaking up and the familiar jangle of jingle bells is drifting out of many a shop window already. Are we right? Well click here to find out how you can help some very deserving children enjoy a little Christmas magic too this year...

It's that time again? Christmas is here. We bet the neighbour's neon garden decorations are just days from sneaking up and the familiar jangle of jingle bells is drifting out of many a shop window already. Are we right?
But when you think of Christmas what truly comes to mind? More food than you can imagine, mulled wine, painstakingly wrapped gifts showcasing a litany of bright and shiny wrapping papers, some treasured and some less-so (socks again!), or a time to reflect, a time for giving, a time for family and friends to come together and share each other's company and affection.
Yet for the families which Partner West Africa supports, Christmas brings with it none of this magic. Christmas is just another day. These are the families of Oshieye, the families of the 70 vulnerable children who attend the VWA Daycare & Nursery Centre each day, and their families forgotten by globalisation and promises of a brighter future. 
The Partner West Africa Daycare & Nursery Centre is a safe-haven in the midst of Oshieye where the youngest and most vulnerable children of the community receive education, safe drinking water, nutritious food and health care, a supportive, nurturing environment, and the attention of a caring, passionate and dedicated team. And all of this is provided 100% for free by our charity. There is no other charity or NGO based in Oshieye. So for the children and families of Oshieye, Partner West Africa is everything. We have saved lives, we have changed lives for the better, and we try whenever we can to bring a little light and joy to what is otherwise a very, very difficult place to call home.
So as you would expect, our team have thought very carefully this year about what we would like to try and provide the community with this Christmas. It is very easy to assume that providing the toys, trinkets, and stocking fillers that we might provide to our own children would seem appropriate? Why should children here deserve any less than children born in to more fortunate circumstances? But our team lives and works in this community year round, we understand the people's priorities, and we are all too familiar with many of these families struggle to survive day-by-day, never sure of where their next meal will come. So in this context, we need to be sensitive and sensible, and so we would like to introduce you - our friends and supporters - to our Christmas 2016 Appeal: 'Equip a Child for School'.
This Christmas 2016 Partner West Africa will attempt to provide all 70 of the children and families whom we support with a range of gifts that the children will not only adore, but that will meet serious and compelling needs for each child's individual future. And that means education. So this year we have chosen to focus on providing the children with the personal items they require to access education, as we work predominantly with the pre-school age-group who will soon be hoping and praying that their families can find the funds to secure them a place at the local school, our intention is to reduce that burden and provide each child with as many of the essential school provisions they will require before they can be admitted.
So what do the children need? School shoes, lunch boxes, pencil cases, and all the other items that are not provided by the school system. But although education will be our charity's priority, we hope to - if we can raise enough funds - also ensure that every child does receive a range of toys, sweeties, and other treats that add a touch of traditional Christmas magic. And, to go even further, to ensure that Christmas is a celebration for the entire family, we would also like to provide every family with a food parcel which will allow them to prepare a special Christmas Day meal for all, based on the favorite local dishes and delicacies.
Please do not underestimate the importance of any donation you can make: As well as providing the children and families with a special end of term Christmas party at our Daycare & Nursery Centre this year, we will need a tremendous amount of support to ensure we can provide all 70 children and families with the full range of gifts that this appeal is attempting to provide.
As always, we are very happy to work with individuals, families, schools or other organisations to prepare one-off gifts or group fundraising campaigns. And every contribution will help make Christmas very special for a very deserving child and family this year. And wherever possible, we will always try to produce a bespoke and personalised thank you message, video or card for anyone who contributes towards this worthy cause. In many cases, a simple donation of ?5 could be the start of a friendship between you and the children and families we support that will give back more than you can imagine. Just follow our Website and Facebook to see the difference your help can make.
We understand that many other families around the world are finding it difficult this festive season too. And our hearts and support goes out to all. And even if you would like to contribute towards our appeal but simply cannot afford to, we would ask from the bottom of our hearts that you take a few minutes to share this appeal with your friends, family, colleagues and in particular your local nursery, playgroup or school (we provide beautiful partnership opportunities for children from the international community to befriend and build relationships with the children from our daycare & Nursery Centre in Ghana). 
Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal. We hope you have a fun filled Christmas and a happy New Year and we thank you for anything and everything you can do to help us this Christmas! 
With seasons greetings and love... the Partner West Africa team
Author: Partner West Africa

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