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We Need your Help (But NOT your Money!). Introducing: 'Share to Care'

Date Posted: 25/11/2016

Learn about this Christmas' 'Share to Care' appeal to help us spread he word about our Daycare & Nursery for Vulnerable Children. Participation will cost you nothing and only take 10 minutes of your time! Please, read more to learn how you can help...

Dear Friends,
Today is a good day:
Today I have the rare and uplifting task of writing not to ask for funds, nor for donations, nor for anything that will cost you a single penny! In the ultra-competitive world of fighting for good causes, this is indeed a refreshing break. 
However, your time too is precious so I will be as quick and succinct as possible:
As some of you might already be aware, Partner West Africa is planning a cunning social media coup this Christmas! We are calling this devious operation, Operation 'Share to Care' (StoC)! And as existing friends, supporters and past volunteers of our charity, you are uniquely placed to help us make a success of this ruthless campaign of trickery! And, again, it will cost you absolutely nothing? 'pinky promise?!
'StoC' is a simple concept born out of one, simple reality: In order for us to secure and safe-guard the many services that our Daycare & Nursery Centre for Vulnerable Children in Oshieye, Ghana offers, day-in day-out, we of course recognise the need to widen our group of donors and supporters. Many of you are the very friends and contributors who have been with us from the start, who have helped launch and develop our humble charity, and who have already made such huge contributions and sacrifices to help support some of West Africa's most underprivileged children. But we cannot, and should not, rely on your generosity and kindness indefinitely. 
We must now reach out to new audiences. Audiences who, like you, are likely to share our values and take an interest in our important work. In short, we need to 'broaden our support-base' (as those pesky experts might say)! To do this, we would like to see if we can - quite frankly - trick Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook Team in to spreading a post about our charity's work for free. That's right, we are ethically quite comfortable with attempting to deceive the social media mogul by avoiding paying his ridiculous advertising fees and having our staff, friends and supporters 'cheat the system'. 
So who understands the term 'trending'? Well trending' is when an article or video etc spreads very quickly across social media, with many people sharing it, clicking on it, and so on. However, if you are an organisation - even a charity - when you post an item on your organisation's own page, unlike your personal Facebook pages, it is only sent to a tiny fraction of your followers. Heaven forbid it should be viewable by the many thousands of individuals who have already liked and already expressed an interest in hearing about our charity! For that to happen - you guessed it - you have to cough up the coffers, dish out the dollars, and pour away the pesos. And as a charity with a strict ethical code (excluding the manipulation of media moguls), we simply refuse to spend your generous donations on advertising!
So? what's the scam? Simple. On an allocated date in December, at an approximate time, we would like you all to help us 'share' a social media post on Facebook. The post will likely be a short video that explains our Daycare Centre and provides new potential friends and supporters with the opportunity to learn more or get involved (we have yet to finalize he specifics and are open to your suggestions!). We hope to start with a group of approximately 100 people. If those 100 can share our planned post with 10 of their friends, and at the same time can ask those 10 friends to share the planned post with 10 of their friends, then... well... a lot of new people who trust your judgement and share your values will have the chance to learn about the little charity that you have so kindly and compassionately supported. We are not asking you to solicit funds or ram any message down people's throats - quite the opposite - just present them with the post and let them use their own good judgement to decide whether or not they would like to share the post onwards.
So here's the kicker: by expertly planning & executing this social media sharing extravaganza at a specified time, with your help, we hope to trick Facebook's little evil-devil robots in to identifying our piece as 'trending', at which point Facebook of course steps in to start sharing the item as far and wide as possible so as Facebook can take the credit for spreading such 'exciting, engaging and innovative content', or some such similar expression 'The Zucker' might well use.
Again, all we are asking is that you spend a few moments contemplating which of your Facebook friends might be most interested in our charity's work, and when the time comes you share our item on to your own Facebook profile/wall but that you also you send it via message to each of your 10 friends, explaining the concept of Share to Care, and asking them to consider doing the same. 
With all the bad-press social media has received recently for controlling the news and content that people can access, increasing existing divisions, and reinforcing accepted opinions, we are asking you to work with us - the little guys - to get what we hope you will agree is a worthwhile, rewarding and valuable message out to those who otherwise might never have the option to learn about it.
If you share, then you care! Simples.
Oh, and for those of you who don't use Facebook, feel free to share the piece via email or any other means. Every contribution will make such a difference to our charity!
That's it for now folks. Consider yourself informed! And, of course, if any of you would prefer not to learn more about Share to Care then just email Matt at info@volunteerwestafrica.org and I will send you more info. Otherwise we will post more information as and when we have it.
Thank you for your time and I very much hope you will help us this Christmas with Share to Care. This is an 'all or nothing for us, as if we don't get enough people involved the idea will clearly fail. So please, pretty please, commit to giving us 10 minutes of your time this Festive Season.
With love from the whole team...
Author: Partner West Africa

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