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Overview of Volunteer Feedback

Date Posted: 10/10/2016

We challenge you to find volunteering opportunities with feedback as constantly positive as ours...see the results of the PWA 2015 Volunteer Satisfaction Survey.

We challenge you to find volunteering opportunities with feedback as constantly positive as ours...

Although we are a small and young organisation, Partner West Africa (PWA) works tirelessly to monitor and improve our effectiveness in relation to the projects we implement and the volunteers who give up their time, energy and money to work on those projects through our internal volunteering department, Volunteer West Africa. But you don't have to take our word for it, when looking for clear and honest information about the PWA experience, there's a whole host of ways that you can hear directly from our past volunteers...

We ask every PWA volunteer to complete a detailed de-brief, at the end of their volunteer placement, in which they openly appraise their time with us with a senior member of staff. Any complaints, problems, or recommendations for improvement are used to constantly check and improve the service we offer. However, as the following data demonstrates, our volunteers clearly have very little to complain about! (see survey data below).

To hear what our past volunteers have to say about the VWA experience, check out the following data:
Many volunteers write our team letters of thank you, stories, or testimonies about their experience with us which we always publish openly and in full for you to read. You will find these on our What Past VWA Volunteers Say Page. 

Many volunteers publish thank you's, testimonies and reviews across our various social media sites. Of particular note, PWA currently holds a 4.9 out of 5 star rating from over 50 volunteers who have reviewed us through the Facebook Review Tool.

And many past PWA volunteers are also more than happy to speak with you directly, via telephone, email or Skype, to help you decide whether or not PWA is the right choice for you. Just contact a member of our team and we can put you in-touch with a range of relevant and helpful past PWA volunteers.

Finally, PWA carries out a formal PWA Volunteer Satisfaction Survey at the close of each year in which every volunteer who joined us throughout that year is asked to provide structured feedback about our performance. In 2015, this survey was designed specifically to address four major concerns, identified by the International Eco-tourism Society, as the four most common criticisms which volunteers raised regarding the volunteering organisations they chose. Namely: 1) Poor accommodation, 2) Poor staff, 3) Distrust regarding how the volunteer's money was used, 4) And the sense that the work they/the organisation undertook did not prioritise the needs of the local community. 

In addition, as we ask every year, the PWA 2015 Volunteer Satisfaction Survey asked our volunteers to answer the most important question of all... would you recommend us?
In our 2015 PWA Volunteer Satisfaction Survey, all PWA volunteers were asked to 'Agree', 'Disagree' or state as 'Unsure' their positions towards the following five statements (the responses we received are published below each statement):
 "The PWA Volunteer Guest House is clean, safe, comfortable and well equipped."
 Responses: 100% Agreed.
"PWA staff are friendly, hard-working and welcoming" 
 Responses: 97% Agreed and 3% were Unsure.
"All money you paid or donated to PWA was clearly spent ethically and effectively."
 Responses: 93% Agreed and 7% were Unsure.
"PWA's highest priority is the children, families & communities that it supports."
 Responses: 97% Agreed and 3% were Unsure.
"You would recommend PWA to any prospective volunteer." 
 Responses: 100% Agreed.
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Donation Payment Methods


Charity Checkout accepts all major debit and credit cards and allows you to make one-off or monthly donations that will be used to support our charity in general, so if you would like to donate to a specific appeal, or become a sponsor of our Daycare & Nursery Centre, please follow the donation information provided within those specific appeals. All donations to PWA are regulated by the UK Charities Commission and in line with our Terms & Conditions. Thank you.


JustGiving is a great fundraising site for friends of our charity who would like to set up their own fundraising pages, alllowing your friends and family to donate towards your specific project, aims or objectives with PWA. If you set up a JustGiving fundraising page, you describe your story and reasons for supporting PWA & your donors can link through to PWA's JustGiving page to learn about our charity & its work. All donations are regulated by the UK Charities Commission and made in line with our Terms & Conditions. Thank you.

Direct Bank-to-Bank Transfers

PWA banks with the Co-operative Bank, UK, the leading bank for charitable organisations. If you are a UK or international bank account holder, donations can be made quickly & simply online. You can also use this method to make one-off donations or to set up monthly donations to our charity. Please contact us to request our bank account details to set up a bank transfer. All donations made to PWA are regulated by the UK Charities Commission & made in-line with our Terms & Conditions. Thank you.

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