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PWA Volunteers doing field research in Ghana, West Africa
PWA Volunteers doing field research in Ghana, West Africa
PWA Volunteer Emma
Kokrobite beach in Ghana, West Africa
PWA Volunteer Emma and others sharing a meal at the volunteer guest house
PWA Volunteer Emma chilling at local beach bar

A day in the life of a PWA volunteer

Date Posted: 28/09/2016

Read about a day in the life of Emma who was working with Partner West Africa for 5 weeks on the Malaria Prevention Programme.

So, an average day as a Partner West Africa Volunteer… there’s no such thing as an average day! Let’s take today for instance, I woke up at 6am to meet Rose a community health nurse who had kindly allowed myself and another volunteer to join her for home visits. I got a call at 6:20am to say she wasn’t feeling very well and so with half reluctance half relief I went back to bed. I woke up again at 8am, had a ‘refreshing’ ice cold shower, was last to eat breakfast (again!!) and then just made it in time for our daily 9am ‘toolbox talk’ about our plans for today. Instead of accompanying Rose I walked into the village of Oshieye with fellow volunteer Erica, to photograph both the government funded and private toilets to go into a presentation that Erica was working on.

 As we walked through the town, I was struck by the incredible sense of community spirit and welcoming nature of the people. On the other hand, it was clear that the problems faced by this community are of a much bigger scale than I’d ever imagined. If the maggot infested, grimey public toilets were bad enough, the mountains of decomposing rubbish and rancid stench in the air made it hard to maintain composure sometimes. As upsetting as this was, it increased my determination to want to help this community and offer as much assistance to the PWA team as I could in the next month.

After returning to the volunteer guest house for lunch, I spent the afternoon ringing up pharmaceutical companies to obtain prices for anti-malarial tablets and multi vitamins that will be used for the malaria screening project that I’m working on [Emma was volunteering on the Malaria Prevention Programme]. Seems like a simple task but by the time I’d been on hold multiple times, walked along the beach into Kokrobite to buy some more phone credit and accidently returned with an armful of delicious fried plantain chip snacks I found that quite a few hours had passed!

Now for the highlight of the day- dinner! All the volunteers eat together and it’s a chance to sample some African cuisine and catch up with everyone. In the evenings we either stay in the house and play cards, watch a film, or have deep meaningful discussions about meditation and Josh’s (another volunteer) strange eating habits. Sometimes we go out to one of the beach bars for a drink or to play pool. Tonight we chose to go out! Bottles of Orijin beer and a few shots of local tequila went down well. A good end to the day.


Author: Emma - PWA Volunteer

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