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PWA Volunteer Rachel working with children in Ghana, West Africa
PWA Volunteer Rachel working with children in Ghana, West Africa
PWA Volunteers Rachel and Lucy working on the International Schools Partnership Programme in Ghana, West Africa

A day in the life of a PWA volunteer

Date Posted: 16/11/2016

Read about a day in the life of Rachel who was working with Partner West Africa for 3 months at the PWA Daycare and Nursery Centre.

Hi! I’m Rachel, a 17-year-old girl from the Netherlands and I’m currently halfway through my 12 weeks as a  Partner West Africa volunteer. Today I will explain to you what a typical day in the life of a volunteer looks like.

On Monday, November 7th I woke up around 7am without an alarm, something I would never be able to do in the Netherlands. Not a very unusual thing here in Ghana though due to the heat, music playing all the time and the sun that’s already rising at 6am. After having a shower and getting dressed I joined the other volunteers at the breakfast table. Then it was time to greet the kids who were entering the PWA Daycare and Nursery Centre, asking them if they had a nice mid-term break and play with them for a little while.

Around 08:30 it was time for Lucy, a fellow volunteer, and me to head off to a school for deaf and hearing impaired children in a village called Aplaku, a short taxi drive away from the volunteer guest house. Lucy and I are spending 2 weeks at this school, helping out where we can and learning a bit sign language, something we really like. Today we observed the KG1 and 2 class and we helped the teacher with some colouring (see picture). The kids at the school really love to spend time with us although sometimes it is kind of hard to communicate with them. On Wednesday Lucy and I are going to (try to) teach a creative lesson to this class, using sign language, quite exciting!

At 12pm we went back to the PWA compound and had a quick lunch. After lunch it was time to teach creative to KG1 class at the PWA Daycare and Nursery Centre, 24 kids between the age of 3-5 FULL of energy!! Since the Christmas party is coming up in a couple of weeks and I am partly organising this day, I thought it would be nice to start with some Christmas decorations to make the place look festive. Today we made little hanging Christmas trees out of paper which they coloured and decorated with stickers, glitter and glitter glue pens. Completely covered in glitter and glitter glue the lesson ended with lots of sparkly trees and most important of all: the kids had a great time making them!

Straight after creative, at 2pm, Lucy and I went to a primary school in Oshieye which PWA has a partnership with. It is matched up with another primary school in the U.K., through the International Schools Partnership Programme, so right now we are teaching them music to make a video to send to the U.K. school. That’s why Lucy (picture), our recorder specialist, tried to teach them to play the recorder and I helped her. In the end they were able to play 5 different notes, we were so proud!!

After the visit to the school our working day was over: time to chill out!! There are loads of things to do here in the village of Kokrobite, where the volunteer guest house is found, to enjoy yourself in the afternoon. For example, going for a walk, reading a book on the beach or visiting our favourite beach bar, Dizzy Lizzy’s! However, we had already been a lot outside today so we preferred just to have a shower, drink a cup of tea and read a book in the garden until it was time for dinner. We had yam and pallava sauce for dinner today, one of our favourite Ghanaian meals! Tired but happy after this day full of different kids and excitement, we went to bed early...

Author: Rachel - PWA Volunteer

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