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Volunteer in Ghana West Africa in IT
Volunteer in Ghana West Africa in IT
Use your skills to build capacity in our staff at the local community
Pass on your skills to children and adults in Ghana, West Africa
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Ethical volunteering using your skills to increase knowledge in our staff and communities

Ethical Volunteering: A Case Study in IT

Date Posted: 24/04/2017

Here at Partner West Africa our ethical volunteering model is based on sharing knowledge. Read how PWA volunteer Victor shared his skills in IT with PWA staff member Naa.

Here at Partner West Africa (PWA) our ethical volunteering model is based on sharing knowledge. Rather than having volunteers sign up to projects in which they have no prior experience or technical skill, we invite people who have expertise or experience to offer that we can use here in Ghana, West Africa. Over the past year PWA have offered placements to volunteers with technical skills in malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment who have helped develop and deliver projects on our Malaria Prevention Programme, or teaching assistants who have provided training to our nursery staff on phonics in the development of early childhood speech. The consequence of this approach is a hugely rewarding experience for the volunteer, and in increase in knowledge and capacity of the PWA staff and the communities we work with.


Victor Garcia, an IT expert, has spent 3 months volunteering with PWA and, among other IT related work, has spent some of his time sharing his knowledge with the staff. Here are his thoughts on delivering some one-to-one training:

"My name is Victor Garcia, I am 28 years old and I am volunteering for Partner West Africa collaborating with the IT Infrastructure configuration and with the Schools Partnership Programme. In Germany, I am a Telecommunication Engineer, so I use computers on a daily basis.

It is not easy to prepare computer training for people who are not familiar with PCs at all. Actions and steps that I do automatically must be detailed and explained. At the same time I have realised the complexity involved in the use of these machines, which often passes unnoticed because we are so used to them.

Other difficulty was to realise the needs of the staff and how could they use computers to improve their work. In the case of Naa, the cook, we found out that the use of Microsoft Office Excel could help her in order to prepare the weekly and monthly shopping list and do the calculations of the budget needed. I prepared a template which she learnt to fill and use and can ease the accounts and avoid mistakes. In a similar way, she has learned to use Microsoft Word. One direct benefit of this is that she is now able to write down all her delicious recipes and we all can try to cook them back in Europe (even though a lot of cooking practice will be needed in my case)! In any case, I have enjoyed doing the training sessions.

I hope the training will help the staff of PWA in their daily life and job, making things easier for them or expanding their capabilities."


Naa, PWA Cook and a recipient of his training, shared her thoughts:

"My name is Naa Tagoe, I am 24 years of age. And with my position as a cook. The only experience I was having with computer is how to open and watch movies on it. And also to listen to music, that is all.

I have learnt how to type on the computer, how to use it to create a file for myself, and also to make a shopping list, and also how to print and save documents.  And many more. It was fantastic, and I enjoyed.

I can apply it by using the computer regularly, and also make the weekly nursery and volunteer shopping list."


Our current areas for volunteering are:

The PWA Daycare and Nursery Centre

Creative Early-years Education and Child Rights

International Schools Partnership Programme

Malaria Prevention Programme

Children’s Health, Hygiene and Nutrition

Female Health and Gender Equality

Fundraising, Promotion and Journalism

Development Policy: Monitoring and Evaluation

If you have other knowledge and expertise you think would be useful to our charity take a look at our Multidisciplinary Volunteering Option


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