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Volunteer in Ghana, West Africa to learn about the world
Volunteer in Ghana, West Africa to learn about the world
Volunteer in Ghana, West Africa to learn about development issues and NGO work
Volunteer in Ghana, West Africa to learn about and improve yourself
Volunteer in Ghana, West Africa to offer skills in reciprocal change
Volunteer in Ghana, West Africa to continue taking action into the future

Why do You Want to Volunteer?

Date Posted: 02/05/2018

In this article we look at the reasons why people choose to volunteer and what some of Partner West Arfica's volunteers have to say.

Why do you want to volunteer? In this article Claire Bennett and her co-authors identified several popular reasons for volunteering abroad whilst doing research for their book:

  • To learn about the world
  • To learn about development issues and NGO work
  • To learn about and improve yourself
  • To offer skills in a reciprocal exchange
  • To continue taking action in the future


Here are some past and current Partner West Africa (PWA) volunteers owns thoughts about these reasons:


To Learn About the World

“The idea of spending a couple of months volunteering seemed quite appealing to me, as it was an experience I hadn’t had before, and I expected to learn much more about the people and culture of a country by living and working in it than just passing as a mere tourist.” - Victor


To Learn About Development Issues and NGO Work

“One of the reasons that I joined Engineers without Borders was to gain experience in International Development, as I have been considering working in that field as an engineer in the future. My time at PWA has given me a real insight into both the positive and difficult aspects of working as part of an NGO and has been such valuable work experience.” – Elaine

“Having spent a couple of years working in charity partnerships in the private sector, I wanted to get a better understanding of the challenges NGOs face, whilst also getting some great on the ground experience. I hoped that experiencing both sides would help me better understand how corporates and NGO’s can work more effectively together in the future.” – Amy


To Learn About and Improve Yourself

“As a newly qualified social worker I wanted to challenge myself by using my new skills in a developing context.” – Ebun

“I have had varying experiences with children from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and hold a keen interest in widening my knowledge and involvement in other countries and communities to improve my understandings.” – Abi

“Realising some of the difficulties faced by millions of people worldwide has challenged me and, without wanting to sound clichéd, I'll leave Ghana with a different perception of the world around me and my place in it.” –  Sophie


To Offer Skills in a Reciprocal Exchange

“I wanted to share my knowledge and skills acquired from years of working in the UK education sector but also to gain an understanding of the Ghanaian education system and teaching practices in order to broaden my knowledge, based on practical experience, and be able to confidently share this with staff and pupils in the UK.” – Sarah


To Continue Taking Action in the Future

“I hope to continue to work in the charity sector as volunteering with PWA has given me a unique understanding of the huge impact individuals can make to those less fortunate than ourselves and, in turn, what we can learn from the process… I feel as though my time in Ghana has equipped me with a diverse range of professional skills and a compassionate mindset that I will take with me to whatever the future holds.” – Ella

“The high level of community engagement [in the project work completed] allowed me to explore the challenges facing those most impoverished in the locality, which will of no doubt help me in my forthcoming Global Health studies.” – Toni


If you can hear echoes of your own thinking in any of these topics why not think about volunteering with us here in Ghana, West Africa; simply take a look at our projects page to see where your knowledge and skills can be used. One of the aspects about us that makes us and ethical volunteering choice is that we treat each application individually, tailoring your specific talents to the most appropriate volunteer project. We live and work in the communities we serve allowing us to develop trust and to be ideally placed to respond to issues as they arise. We believe this allows you to get the most from your time with us whilst giving us the flexibility to address the most urgent and constantly changing needs of the NGO and communities we work alongside.

Author: Partner West Africa

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