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Sustainable development goal linked gender projects for volunteers in Ghana, West Africa

Introducing the Gender Equality Research Programme and How You Can Volunteer

Date Posted: 16/04/2018

Partner West Africa are thrilled to announce the start of our Gender Equality Programme. In this new area of work, we are seeking to establish and build an effective and sustainable set of services that will truly empower and protect women and girls from the local, underprivileged Ghanaian communities we serve.

Partner West Africa (PWA) are thrilled to announce the start of our Gender Equality Programme. In this new area of work, we are seeking to establish and build an effective and sustainable set of services that will truly empower and protect women and girls from the local, underprivileged Ghanaian communities we serve.

The ambition of the fifth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal is to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.

Ghana ranks 72nd of 144 countries in the 2017 World Economic Global Gender Gap Report, however, the maternal mortality rate is still high at 319 in 100,000 live births in 2015 compared to 9 per 100,000 in the UK , there is low representation of women in decision making (12.7% representation in the National Parliament, 35 of 275 seats) and practices such as early marriage, female genital mutilation and witch camps still exist. This suggests progress is ongoing and must continue.

There is a lack of local data on gender equality and issues relating to gender in the area in which we work, the Ga South Municipal District; as such there is a lack of understanding on how PWA and other organisations can best support women in this region. This project seeks to collect and analyse the necessary data to inform how women in the area can be empowered and gender equality be achieved. Through this project we will be collecting, analyzing and compiling quantitative and qualitative data on issues impacting women in the area. From this research we will be making recommendations for phase 2 of the Gender Programme: the scoping of gender projects which PWA can initiate in the Ga South Municipal District, including potential impact, budget and funding opportunities.

The key stages of the research are:

A ‘desk review’ to identify key institutions and literatures related to gender. We will review and analyse the findings to draw similarities and information relevant to the location we are researching.

Interviews and discussions with key gender stakeholders to ascertain work currently being undertaken in the area of gender, available policies and if they are being implemented, current issues/barriers related to gender and personal views around gender. These will include, but are not limited to:

  • Government: through guided discussion;
  • Local, national and international NGOs: through guided discussion;
  • Community members including adults, adolescents, children and community & religious leaders: through individual questionnaires conducted in the community by the PWA team.

Analysis of the data collected will be done to determine the key issues impacting women in the region, how these are currently being tackled by other stakeholders and drawing together recommendations for further action by the PWA team. The findings and recommendations will be written up, distributed to the key stakeholders engaged and other key parties and used to initiate phase 2 of the Gender Programme.

This is an ongoing piece of work with multiple phases to follow so we are looking for additional volunteers to be involved in this exciting new programme. Depending on the stage of the programme when you arrive, and your own skills and interests, examples of work you could be involved in include adding to the data collected, designing possible workshops and projects based on the research findings, applying for funding bids and grants or general fundraising to enable PWA to carry out the projects and monitoring & evaluating the work that has been carried out. As a small grassroots NGO, PWA integrates volunteers into the team with a defined role and responsibilities, offering genuine work experience, allowing you to learn about development approaches, NGO work and working in the field, which is different from the usual ‘package volunteer opportunities’ available from the mainstream volunteering sector. The great thing about us, that sets us apart from most other volunteering organisations, is that we treat each application individually and design a unique volunteer placement that allows you to offer the very best of what you are able to, while addressing the most urgent needs of the community and projects offered by us. So, if you’re interested in volunteering, take a look at our website and send us a message.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Author: Partner West Africa

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