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#volunteertakeover Nursery News
#volunteertakeover Nursery News
#volunteertakeover Nursery News
#volunteertakeover Nursery News
#volunteertakeover Nursery News
#volunteertakeover Nursery News

#volunteertakeover Nursery News

Date Posted: 29/06/2018

Find out about the importance of preschool education and how you can support PWA in re-opening the Daycare and Nursery Centre here in Ghana.

“A child’s most important steps happen before they set foot in a primary school. By their fifth birthday, their brain will already be 90% developed and the foundations for success at school and in later life will be in place”Sarah Brown, the Guardian 

As an NGO whose whole ethos centres around access to education, with particular emphasis on early years/pre-school education, we know how important these early foundations are. One of our projects is the PWA Daycare and Nursery Centre which offers pre-school education to the most vulnerable children in our local community. All our programmes are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG’s) but Goal #4: Quality Education, especially target 4.2, is what our Nursery centres around.

“By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and pre-primary education so that they are ready for primary education.” – UNSDG #4, target 4.2.

In order to better meet this target, we are now, after a period of closure, looking to re-open our gates to a new intake of little feet. We already have a small group of dedicated supporters financially assisting the Centre but are looking for other generous sponsors to commit to a monthly donation of any amount to help us provide the best service to as many children as possible. We can only offer a place to a child if we are confident in finances to continue to support that place and provide a strong start to life beyond a traditional education. No donation is too big or too small and as PWA is a UK registered charity regulated by the charities commission you can be sure that your hard-earned cash is carefully accounted for. We’re trusted by our volunteers who personally vouch for our good work, often signing up family members once they return home.

“The grass roots, transparent approach of PWA ensures that as sponsors we can be sure that our money is going to good use. From working on the ground with the team I know that they allocate funds where they are most needed and pay careful attention to their systems to ensure they continue meeting the needs of the children. Everyone at PWA puts heart and effort in to their work and are completely invested in improving the lives of the individuals they support. For these reasons I have, and would not hesitate to again, recommend sponsorship to my friends, family or anyone else.” – Ella Downing, past volunteer and current sponsor, 3 members of Ella’s immediate family are also sponsors.

We offer children from underdeveloped villages based in the Ga South district in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, 3 years of pre-school education preparing them to enter the formal primary education setting. Having a careful admission process enables us to offer places to the most vulnerable children, the majority of whom would not attend any form of pre-school education, however our work encompasses more than simply education. We provide a nutritious feeding programme, school supplies, shoes and clothing and healthcare. We know the Centre saves lives, the Ghana Health Service has recognised this too; in the village of Oshieye, where the majority of children attending the Centre call home, 1 in 5 children die before their 5th birthday compared to less than 1 in 100 children who attend the Centre.

Your donations would therefore help us continue and extend our aim to blend the Ghanaian curriculum, taught by locally recruited members of staff, with additional teacher training in early childhood learning and development techniques, particularly in creative arts learning, by suitably qualified international volunteers to create a safe, loving environment for young children to thrive. Our children leave us having been strengthened and placed in a better position to prosper in further primary education academically and in terms of health and social and creative explorations to adapt and understand the world.

Join our PWA family today; click the donation payment icon’s at the bottom of the page to securely make your monthly donation. Thank you.

Author: Izzy and Sophie - PWA volunteers

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