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Thank-you Letter to the VWA team from David & Grace Lartey

Thank-you Letter to the VWA team from David & Grace Lartey

Date Posted: 27/07/2014
Doing the work that we do at Volunteer West Africa is easy when we receive thank-you letters like this...

1) David Lartey

Hi, my name is David Lartey, I am 10 years old, and my hobbies are football and dancing. I school at Fayef International School in Ghana and I am in grade four. I would like to thank Volunteer West Africa for the great opportunities it has given to me, I appreciate what it has done for me so much, it is very good and kind to all of us children. 

I live with my sister and father as my mother is not around. So VWA helps our family. When I am visited by VWA I feel happy so much. When I visit the Volunteer West Africa guest house I don't want to go home. VWA has the best house I have ever seen. The staff look after me as if I was their son. I thank them for their kindness upon me and my family. The food I like best when we visit the VWA guest house is fried rice with vegetables.

VWA bought us a bouncing castle in our school and any time is break I go inside and bounce and it is too fun. Children from our school and the children's home go to parties at Volunteer West Africa and have fun like lemon race, sack race, football competition, and we also receive rewards like pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, teddy bears, story books, footballs, jerseys and many more. I also thank Volunteer West Africa for all the clothes and shoes that it has given to me and my family and for all the Christmas presents they got me this year.

The staff of Volunteer West Africa are very good and kind to us and the volunteers are our friends and give us healthy foods and fruits. The volunteers also play games with us such as brain box. They also read stories with us such as the secret stair case, quiet, the three little pigs, the dream catcher and the gorilla. 

I thank VWA for all you are doing for us. May god richly bless you and your team.

2) Grace Lartey

Grace  Lartey is my name, I am 13 years of age. I am in Junior High School and I attend school at Fayef International School in Ghana located in Tuba. Volunteer West Africa has been taking care of me and teaching me. This program has been helping the poor and the needy. I really, really appreciate what they do for me and my family.

Volunteer West Africa as a member or a group of people has changed my life, my livelihood and my education. Life has been so hard for some of us Ghanaians but by God's grace when we met VWA our life have never been the same.

Any time I visit the VWA guest house, I feel excited as if I'm swimming in a pool. They have shown love to me and my family. The shoes, dresses, outdoor and indoor games they have given to me and my families to show kind and love to us.

VWA has also been taking me to places like cinema's, kakum   National Park and the Cape-Coast castle. The life of me and my school has changed when we met VWA. They also learn the local language and also our culture and our belief system. They organise parties and dinners for us. Mr Matt is the C.E.O Director of VWA and he is lovely. He bought a bouncing castle for our school kids and the orphanage to have funs, play and enjoy themselves. He likes children who take academic seriously.

The staffs of VWA are also kind and lovely. They also work very hard and make the work very easy. VWA has done a wonderful and marvelous job and I will say THANK YOU and God will shower his blessings upon them for they have done the work of  the living God. VWA for your kindness and your love I really appreciate it.

Author: VWA

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