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Urgent Appeal to Support Three Young Sisters Who Have Just Lost Their Father

Urgent Appeal to Support Three Young Sisters Who Have Just Lost Their Father

Date Posted: 11/11/2014
Pictured below are Rebecca, Abigail & Jennifer: three vulnerable young girls from the community of Oshieye who suddenly & unexpectedly lost their Father this weekend.
Pictured: Rebecca, Abigail & Jennifer, three young sisters who attend our daycare & nursery centre for vulnerable children in Oshieye, Ghana, and who sadly and suddenly lost their Father this weekend due to a previously undiagnosed heart defect.

The Father, a young trainee-mechanic, leaves behind his wife - the girl's mother - and their four daughters. The 4th, and youngest of all four siblings, was born in only March of this year and so will be become old enough to attend our centre when she turns one in March of 2015.

The family live in Oshieye - a small traditional fishing community - where they rent a single concrete block room with a tin roof and no toilet or bathroom facilities. The family of six had shared a single mattress to sleep on each night. Conditions were tough enough for the family but with the loss of their Father, the household bread-winner, the future of the girls has now become extremely uncertain. With a young baby to look after, and no social welfare system to offer her any degree of financial support, the Mother has been left in the most challenging and difficult of circumstances. Without assistance, it will be impossible for her to maintain the rent on their home or to provide for the girls with their most basic needs, let alone their educations or future prospects.

The loss of any parent is of course extremely tragic but this case is particuarly upsetting to the staff at our centre. In a culture where the Mother is usually left with full responsibility for the majority of domestic and childcare related activities, the Father had been one of the most active, prominent and positive members of our PTA group. He set a strong example to other men in the Oshieye community both appealing for their involvement in the education and care of their children and by defying convention to personally walk his three daughters to our centre each day and collect them home each afternoon. He had made huge sacrifices to ensure he could play an active role in their care and development as well as complete his duties and career development as he trained to become a qualified mechanic.

At our charity's centre the girls receive healthy cooked meals, snacks and clean drinking water each day; free uniforms to wear in-attendence and free clothes to wear while at home; they will have medical insurance paid for and any medical problems or injuries paid for by our charity; and they will receive a pre-school education to prepare them for the Ghana State School System when they turn 4 or 5 years old. 

However, Oshieye is a desperately poor community and our centre has only the capacity to offer places to less than half of the children or families who applied for a placement this year. Although we have expanded the centre to offer 70 places, up from 30 places, we are still desperately short of donors and sponsors to help us sustain this - our most important project. Like many countries around the world, Ghana is in the midst of an economic crisis at present: inflation and unemployment is soaring and the national currency is depreciating at an alarming rate. That means, for charities like ours, every penny we receive from kind hearted international donors is worth less and less - in true terms - each day.

As a result, our UK based sister charity - Partner West Africa - who manage our Vulnerable Children's Sponsorship Programme, are urgently appealing for a sponsor(s) who will commit to sponsoring the sister's continuing attendance at our centre. Now, more than ever, this family will be a priority for our team and so we intend to do everything we can to protect their placements but also to offer additional support, counselling and care. We are appealing to anyone who can assist us to provide this family with the support they so desperately need and deserve.

If you, your family, your company, or someone you know, might be interested in sponsoring one or all of these little girls, please, without delay, download, complete and return the form attached to our:

Within the brochure you will find full details of the sponsorship scheme and the various sponsorship packages available. 

Alternatively, if you are unable to commit to an ongoing sponsorship package you can of course make a one-off online donation, via:

Any donation will go a long way to helping us support and protect the future of this family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal and thank you for any and all support that you can offer. Please share and forward this appeal with anyone you think might be interested in offering support.
Author: VWA

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