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VWA Partnership with HoG School for Deaf & Hearing Impaired Children

VWA Partnership with HoG School for Deaf & Hearing Impaired Children

Date Posted: 05/06/2015
VWA volunteers & staff today visited the House of Grace School for deaf & hearing impaired children in order to establish a formal partnership between our two organisations...
Those of you who follow our news and updates closely will recall the children's Christmas 2014 party we organised and hosted for the students and staff of the House of Grace School (HoG) - one of the only founded NGOs in Ghana working to provide deaf and hearing impaired children with an education. 

Well, we are now pleased to report that the children of HoG made such an impression on our team that VWA today visited the HoG school in order to explore all opportunities to launch a formal partnership between our two organisations. VWA is hopeful that we can offer structured and sustainable support and resources to HoG in-line with our key objective to assist vulnerable West African children to access education. As part of this approach, we will of course look at any opportunities for our volunteers to work with the HoG to support the teaching staff and provide care and education to the students.

As our team of VWA staff and volunteers arrived at the HoG this morning we were greeted with many smiling, enthusiastic faces, all keen to welcome us warmly. After meeting the children and learning our names in sign, we met with Ona - the current Headmistress - who gave us an overview of the school, its current needs, and the areas in which they most require support. 

One of the key challenges for the HoG is, as is often sadly the case, funding. Due to deaf and hearing impaired children representing a minority group, HoG finds it difficult to attract funding from the mainstream, such as Ghanaian government grants or generalised education charity funding. Therefore the school's resources are of course affected. So, as with our other partner schools in Ghana, VWA is hopeful that we might offer the HoG resources and volunteers who can help enrich the learning environment and broaden the day-to-day curriculum. This would include, for example, VWA volunteers, with an interest in deaf and hearing impaired education, fundraising for, designing and delivering a range of extra-curricular classes and activities such as art, crafts, games, sports and dance/drama. It would also potentially include shared activities and events between HoG students and the students who attend VWA's daycare centre for vulnerable children, in Kokrobite, just a few miles from the HoG school. Children from both establishments could come together to enjoy shared excursions, fun days and educational projects. A great opportunity for the children to inclusively engage and interact with children from different circumstances.

VWA volunteers katy and Abi, both currently placed at VWA's Kokrobite office working to develop VWA programmes, will now work alongside VWA staff to further explore the partnership opportunities and - we hope - to soon formally launch this exciting new venture! Our team has another scheduled visit to HoG this month in order to present our ideas and get the ball rolling!

We would like to thank the staff and students of HoG for welcoming us and we look forward to exciting things to come!

Katy and Abi - VWA Volunteers
Author: Katy & Abi - VWA Volunteers

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