Projects & programmes which support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015, are inclusive, ethical, and based on the ability of our volunteers to share their knowledge & expertise effectively.

Volunteer Programmes:

All Programmes are adjusted to suit the individual skills and interests of each PWA volunteer.

Browse some of Partner West Africa's key projects below, and contact a member of our team if you would like to learn more about our current projects or discount offers!

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New - The PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre

Based in Partner West Africa's compound between Kokrobite & Oshieye, Ghana, you will soon find the humble but heart-warming PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre for Vulnerable Children. 

Opened in 2014, but closed for review & refurbishment in 2018, the Centre will offer the most vulnerable local children - of creche age - daily care, a nutritious feeding programme, safe drinking water, immunisations & daily healthcare, a pre-school education, and a safe and caring environment in-which children can be children.
Quite simply, the Centre will both save and improve children's lives. And for that reasPWA is currently seeking volunteers, parters and donors to help us relaunch the Centre for many years to come.

Creative Early-Years Education & Child Rights

A fantastic programme providing vulnerable, young, West African children with access to a creative education that promotes imagination, exploration, and access to creative extra-curricular activities. At the same time, this programmme protects the right of children to have access to a free and fun childhood, in which children are free to be children. This programme helps to achieve the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 4: 'Quality Education': from policy to practice, this programme brings magic to little minds.

International Schools Partnership Programme

PWA's 'International Schools Partnership Programme' has been operational since 2013 & has created effective and valuable partnerships between schools in West Africa and schools from the international community, allowing students to reach out to their counter-parts from different backgrounds, cultures and circumstances. The Programme offers cultural & academic projects & field trips which bring children together, breaking down cultural barriers, unpicking prejudices, & encouraging children to become responsible global citizens.


Our role is to remove the hard-work and risk from your staff in the planning & execution of what are often complex, ethical, logistically demanding relationships.

Malaria Prevention Programme (MPP)

PWA's Malaria Prevention Programme (MPP) delivers a range of malaria screening, prevention, and education services which allow local families to protect themselves. Based on the high level of infant and child mortality associated with malaria in our local communities, this programme, quite simply, saves lives. Having passed through it's Phase-1 research, testing & implementation, our MPP is now being scrutinsed by our monitoring & evaluation team to prepare our 2017 MPP scope of works.

Children's Health, Hygiene & Nutrition

This Partner West Africa programme offers a broad range of free and essential basic healthcare services to vulnerable children & families across Ghana. With a focus on family and children's healthcare, hygiene, bacteria control, and food preparation - for a balanced and nutritious diet - we undertake a broad range of community workshops and events, covering both theory and practice - allowing local people to improve their own living conditions & helping achieve the objectives of the United Nations SDG No. 3 'Health & Well Being'.

New - Female Health & Gender Equality

In this new Partner West Africa programme, we are seeking help to establish and build an effective and sustainable set of services that will truly empower and protect women and girls from the local, underprivileged Ghanaian communities we serve.

This programme aims to raise awareness about, and deliver services to support, gender rights and women's healthcare and ensure that Partner West Africa can develop best practice policies and approaches in this critical area of gender empowerment.

Fundraising, Promotion & Journalism

For those seeking entry-level practical and policy experience in a development setting, work with our passionate NGO team to help promote local issues, raise funds, campaign, and tell the world about the challenges and difficulties the children and families we support face on a daily basis. 

Work in policy, fund-raising, promotion or journalism, and learn about the complexities of development work while helping PWA to attract new support and deliver improved services.

Multidisciplinary Volunteering Programmes

Partner West Africa, through its internal volunteering department 'Volunteer West Africa' offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to engage in a bespoke volunteer placement that is shaped specifically to make the very most of your unique skills, knowledge, interests and ambitions. If you have expertise or experience that can improve the service(s) we offer, our team will work with you to match your profile with our current projects & programmes to create the most rewarding volunteering experience possible.

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