Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

Individual and/or Group Volunteer Applications & Placements: Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions lay out the agreement between VWA Volunteer West Africa (VWA) and any individual, group or organisation(s) wishing to secure a VWA volunteer placement or VWA volunteer placements.

'Placement(s)' is understood throughout these terms and conditions as any activity or duration of time in which an individual, group or organisation(s) work with VWA Volunteer West Africa on a paid or unpaid voluntary basis.

These terms and conditions apply whether the individual, group(s) or organisation(s) in question are acting on an independent basis or under the framework of any separate agreement(s) held between VWA Volunteer West Africa and any and all third-party partner organisation(s).

It is important that this information is read and understood in full by all parties who hold any responsibility for any individual(s) or group(s) applying for or accepting a volunteer placement with VWA Volunteer West Africa. It is the responsibility of the individual who accepts these terms and conditions to ensure that any and all parties to this agreement have read and understood these terms and conditions. In accepting these terms & conditions, the individual in question confirms they hold the relevant and legitimate authority to do so on behalf of any and all third parties to the agreement. 

All VWA Volunteer West Africa volunteer applications and placements will be subject in full to acceptance of these terms and conditions. Agreement of these terms and conditions is therefore absolute, and supersedes and/or replaces any and all previous agreements, arrangements or contractual understandings between VWA Volunteer West Africa and the individual and/or any third party partner organisation(s) in question.

These terms and conditions are provided and protected under the jurisdiction of the laws of Ghana, and by accepting these terms and conditions you accept that VWA Volunteer West Africa is not subject to the laws of any other country or jurisdiction and that no legal action or complaint may be raised against VWA Volunteer West Africa from any other country or legal jurisdiction, accept that of Ghana.

By accepting these terms and conditions you accept in full that failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in a case of lawful prosecution being brought against you, to include the pursuit of legal and/or financial damages and/or compensation, and or the termination of your volunteer application or placement.

If any aspect of these terms & conditions are not understood, please contact VWA Volunteer West Africa to seek clarification prior to accepting these terms & conditions.

2. Applying for a Volunteer Placement

3. Reservation and Food & Accommodation Fees

4. Cancellations and Refunds

5. Intellectual Property Rights and Fund Raising/Donations

6. Safety and Security

7. Volunteer Code of Conduct

8. Changes to your VWA Volunteer Placement

9. Insurance

10. Social Media, Data Security and Confidentiality

11. Contact & Registation Information

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