New - The PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre

Daily Care for Vulnerable Pre-school Children

Location: Ghana
Current Programme Phase of Operation:
Monitoring & Evaluation


Based in Partner West Africa's compound between Kokrobite & Oshieye, Ghana, you will soon find the humble but heart-warming PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre for Vulnerable Children. 

Opened in 2014, but closed for review & refurbishment in 2018, the Centre will offer the most vulnerable local children - of creche age - daily care, a nutritious feeding programme, safe drinking water, immunisations & daily healthcare, a pre-school education, and a safe and caring environment in-which children can be children.
Quite simply, the Centre will both save and improve children's lives. And for that reasPWA is currently seeking volunteers, parters and donors to help us relaunch the Centre for many years to come.
The VWA Daycare & Nursery Centre team with some of the children
VWA volunteer reaching out to Nani, a little girl at the Centre (everyones Favourite!)
VWA Volunteers working on arts and crafts with the children at the Centre
Welcome to School!
A student at the VWA Centre working hard at colouring in
VWA staff work with volunteers on an arts & crafts morning at the Centre
VWA volunteer, Emily, delivers an arts & crafts workshop at the Centre
Children at the Centre happily playing games in their lunch break
VWA volunteer, Alex, taking the Centres children on a beach trip
Beautiful Kokrobite Beach, located 2 minutes from the Centre, this is where the team come to relax after a busy day!
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Project Aims, Objectives & Activities

Programme Aims & Objectives:
  • Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 1: 'No Poverty';
  • Provide support to underprivileged local families & children by offering holistic care each day, while promoting the ability of children to remain living with their families, avoiding orphanages and institutional care (as a memeber of the BVBC Network, Partner West Africa is committed to combating the harms often associated with 'orphanage volunteering'. Please view the following PDF for further information);
  • Empower families to improve their own circumstances by removing the cost and time associated with caring for young children during critical working hours;
  • Reduce child mortality & malnutrition rates in the local community through the delivery of effective healthcare & feeding programmes;
  • Provide access to extra-curricular activities, and to develop creative learning opportunities, that will enrich the lives of local children and prepare them effectively for school and a brighter future;
  • Demonstrate the value & impact of education to encourage social or cultural change that supports and encourages broader access to education;
  • Provide a secure and caring environment in which children's rights are respected and they are encouraged to explore the world, their imaginations and their childhoods safely;
  • Provide a hub through which parents & families can be encouraged to engage in their children's education, guided in responsible parenting, and engage in related PWA programmes and activities that support broader child poverty reduction aims;
  • Provide a hub through which PWA partners, volunteers and donors can engage closely and responsibly with the children & families within Partner West Africa's partner communities.


Programme Activities (Subject to time of placement):
  • Help plan the launch, staffing, student selection and general reopening of the Centre:
  • Help meet the daily care needs of the children, in bathing, feeding, one-to-one support, and play;
  • Organise songs, games or other activities, with the children, that help enrich the creative curriculum they receive;
  • Teach classes and offer class room support;
  • Develop the Centre's environment and resources, creating educational and engaging learning materials, wall decorations or other resources;
  • Carry out structured play and group activities, including excursions, beach walks, and group games;
  • Administrate, manage and improve the Centre's policies, procedures & practices;
  • Create fund-raising campaigns & appeals to raise funds or secure future support and partnerships for the Centre, including expanding the Centre's sponsorship scheme and designing and launching appeals for specific future projects or improvements;
  • Create promotional materials & resources to help promote the Centre's work and tell the stories of the children and the challenges they face;
  • Assist with the review and assessment of individual children to check their performance and personal development and ensure PWA is doing everything it can to respond to individual children's needs;
  • Organise Parent/Teacher Association Meetings or other parent or community based activities and events to keep the parents and community engaged and involved in the Centre's activities;
  • Provide specialist technical support and expertise, such as healthcare, nutrition, hygiene, early-learning technique training, social & psychological care, or special educational needs support.

How can you get involved?

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