Children's Health, Hygiene & Nutrition

Prevention, Education, and Treatment

Location: Ghana
Current Programme Phase of Operation:
Monitoring & Evaluation


This Partner West Africa programme offers a broad range of free and essential basic healthcare services to vulnerable children & families across Ghana. With a focus on family and children's healthcare, hygiene, bacteria control, and food preparation - for a balanced and nutritious diet - we undertake a broad range of community workshops and events, covering both theory and practice - allowing local people to improve their own living conditions & helping achieve the objectives of the United Nations SDG No. 3 'Health & Well Being'.

VWA volunteer Tyler performing basic health checks on the children at the VWA daycare & Nursery Centre
Ghana Healthcare Nurses work with VWA volunteers at the VWA Daycare & Nursery Centre for Vulnerable Children
VWA Volunteer carrying out health checks during a VWA health screening every for children
Volunteers photograph children in a rural community who have been left to care for themselves during the day
Volunteer in Africa in Family Planning & Reproductive Health
VWA staff & volunteers discover an injured little boy in the community and take him to hospital
VWA staff & volunteers celebrate after completing a community oral health event for children
VWA Volunteers & staff during a project planning brief at the VWA guest house in Kokrobite, Ghana
VWA volunteers & staff deliver a community health workshop for school children
VWA volunteers offer assistance to a family in the local community with a sick little girl
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Project Aims, Objectives & Activities

Programme Aims & Objectives:
  • To support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 3 'Good Health & Well Being';
  • Improve the health of children and families in the local community;
  • Prevent children from missing school due to preventable health issues;
  • Improve local knowledge and practice regarding healthcare approaches;
  • Raise funds and materials to sustain and improve PWA's healthcare activities in future;
  • Share knowledge with local parents and children regarding the importance of hygiene and approaches to personal hygiene;
  • Design interventions which provide clean environments and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, particularly during food preparation and consumption;
  • Help achieve the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 2: 'Zero Hunger';
  • Improve local awareness regarding nutrition and the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet;
  • Build local capacity to prepare nutritious food that will improve health.


Programme Activities:
  • Work at the PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre to provide daily healthcare support to up to 70 vulnerable children;
  • Train PWA staff on healthcare approaches and responses;
  • Improve and develop PWA's in-house healthcare services and approaches, including our 'out of ours' service (NEW) and our health & nutrition programme for the children we care for;
  • Develop materials and resources and take classes and workshops at the PWA Daycare & Nursery Centre to teach children about healthcare issues and approaches;
  • Design and deliver community events and workshops to discuss or deliver healthcare services;
  • Work with PWA's partners; The Ghana Healthcare Service, to provide community healthcare services, either house-to-house or in the local community health clinic;
  • Help PWA maintain and improve our healthcare record keeping systems;
  • Deliver first-aid training to PWA staff and associates;
  • Raise funds and design campaigns to help PWA achieve its healthcare services targets in future;
  • Monitor & evaluate existing PWA healthcare approaches and recommend improvements and new ideas;
  • Research local food preparation techniques and dishes;
  • Work with PWA staff to improve the feeding programme offered to the children who attend our Daycare & Nursery Centre for Vulnerable Children;
  • Work on a one-to-one basis with students and young adults who have an interest in catering and food preparation;
  • Work with PWA's partner schools and other organisations to help improve their food preparation and feeding programmes;
  • Assess children under PWA's care for signs of malnutrition, and design interventions to support those children;
  • Design and deliver community workshops and events to help improve local capacity to prepare and consume food hygienically and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria;
  • Raise funds and campaigns to help PWA improve the range of nutrition and food preparation services it can offer in future;
  • Monitor and evaluate existing PWA nutrition works to identify areas for improvement.

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