Creative Early-Years Education & Child Rights

Pre-school Policy, Practice, Teaching & Training

Location: Ghana
Current Programme Phase of Operation:
Monitoring & Evaluation


A fantastic programme providing vulnerable, young, West African children with access to a creative education that promotes imagination, exploration, and access to creative extra-curricular activities. At the same time, this programmme protects the right of children to have access to a free and fun childhood, in which children are free to be children. This programme helps to achieve the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 4: 'Quality Education': from policy to practice, this programme brings magic to little minds.

Staff at the VWA Centre photographed by VWA Volunteers while participating in a VWA teacher training workshop
A VWA volunteer takes creative painting classes to an excited, but out of shot, group of students
Volunteer Sarah works with the children of the Partner West Africa Daycare & Nursery Centre on drawing & creative skills
Children at the VWA Daycare & Nursery Centre play during break time
A student at the VWA nursery plays after a face painting session with VWA volunteers
VWA Staff holding a graduation ceremony for children leaving to Big School!
VWA Volunteers running a new workshop to train local staff in creative writing
VWA staff help supervise a volunteer organised arts and crafts event at the Partner West Africa Centre for vulnerable children
VWA Volunteer, Annie, cuddles up with two of her students after a long day of learning and fun: we think theyre comfortable with her!
A students at the Partner West Africa Daycare & Nursery Centre beams after using crayons to color-in for the first time!
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Project Aims, Objectives & Activities

Programme Aims & Objectives:
  • To support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 4: 'Quality Education';
  • To improve the curriculum offered at the Partner West Africa Daycare & Nursery Centre for vulnerable children through creative and engaging learning techniques;
  • To improve local knowledge amongst teachers and educators regarding creative learning techniques and approaches;
  • To create environments in which children's rights are respected and they are afforded the opportunity to enjoy a childhood free from abuse, exploitation or emancipation;
  • To allow children to be children.
Programme Activities:
  • Teaching, teacher training, class-room support, and one-to-one tutoring in creative educational areas;
  • Provision of structured play, class-room activity, group work and interactive learning approaches;
  • Organising educational games or activities with children that help enrich the extra-curricular experience;
  • Helping develop the educational resources, creating educational and engaging learning materials, decorations and other required resources;
  • Helping staff administrate, manage and improve the Partner West Africa Daycare & Nursery Centre's policies, procedures & practices, in relation to early-years & creative education;
  • Creating fund-raising campaigns & appeals to help raise funds or secure future support for the Partner West Africa Centre, specifically targeted on the expansion or improvement of educational and early-years requirements and resources;
  • Reviewing and assessing students, staff and procedures to check performance and recommend improvements;
  • Organise Parent/Teacher Association Meetings or other parent or community based activities and events to keep the parents and community engaged and involved in education.

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