New - Female Health & Gender Equality

Empowering Women & Girl's

Location: Ghana
Current Programme Phase of Operation:
Monitoring & Evaluation


In this new Partner West Africa programme, we are seeking help to establish and build an effective and sustainable set of services that will truly empower and protect women and girls from the local, underprivileged Ghanaian communities we serve.

This programme aims to raise awareness about, and deliver services to support, gender rights and women's healthcare and ensure that Partner West Africa can develop best practice policies and approaches in this critical area of gender empowerment.
Two little girls who have just been involved in a Partner West Africa healthcare event beam at a volunteer taking snaps!
The mother of one of the children Partner West Africa cares for during the daytime at our childcare centre, undertaking the usual, tough, daily workload she endures week in week out
Partner West Africa team members hand out multivitamins to reduce malnutrition amongst young girls in our local community
The grandmother of one of the children Partner West Africa supports in Oshieye laughs as she is asked what she would like to do as a career? The Queen of England
A little girl at the Partner West Africa Daycare & Nursery Centre for vulnerable children shows some love.
A local female market trader posses for a photo for a VWA volunteer
VWA Volunteer, Amber, speaks with local women in the community abut the challenges they face
The Ghana Education Service Director for Education visits VWA to speak with the female teaching staff at the VWA Dayare & Nursery Centre about their roles & responsibilities
PWA staff meet with local female community leaders to discuss womens issues and potential support Partner West Africa could provide
VWA staff & volunteers pictured at a VWA event with local mothers & girls at the VWA compound in Kokrobite, Ghana
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Project Aims, Objectives & Activities


Aims & Objectives:
  • To improve the health of women & girls, in particular in family planning, reproductive health, and contraception;
  • To raise awareness regarding the rights of women & girls, promoting the dangers of underage pregnancy and marriage;
  • To empower women & girls economically & socially to become authours of their own futures;
  • To prevent incidence of women & girls being marginalised or abused.


Programme Activities:
  • Conduct research in to local attitudes and approaches to women's rights, healthcare, and women's issues;
  • Undertake campaigns or activities to raise awareness regarding the ethics and benefits of women's rights and gender equality;
  • Design and deliver community activities and workshops to bring women together, discuss women's issues and identify opportunities for PWA to offer structured and effective interventions;
  • Work with local women and girls on a one-to-one basis to offer support, advice and guidance in female healthcare issues, in particular family planning, reproductive health, home birthing and contraception;
  • Help identify initiatives or streams of existing support which local women and girls can access;
  • Help identify potential partners and stakeholders with whom PWA can work to build local capacity in women's healthcare, rights & gender equality;
  • Create campaigns, appeals and fund raising schemes to raise resources and funding to expand PWA's service delivery in women's healthcare, rights and gender equality.

How can you get involved?

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