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Location: Ghana
Current Programme Phase of Operation:
Monitoring & Evaluation


For those seeking entry-level practical and policy experience in a development setting, work with our passionate NGO team to help promote local issues, raise funds, campaign, and tell the world about the challenges and difficulties the children and families we support face on a daily basis. 

Work in policy, fund-raising, promotion or journalism, and learn about the complexities of development work while helping PWA to attract new support and deliver improved services.
VWA volunteer Katy shooting photographs for an appeal to raise funds for the Partner West Africa Daycare & Nursery Centre
Partner West Africa volunteers work with the children at our Daycare & Nursery Centre for Vulnerable Children to produce thank you messages for donors & sponsors
VWA Project Manager, Inusah Amidu, passes the first of a large load of books and educational resources to a VWA partner school which has benefitted from a VWA volunteer fund raising appeal
VWA volunteers meet with local community leaders to discuss partnerships and new projects
A Partner West Africa volunteer, working in this programme, works to put together a campaign to raise funds for our Malaria Prevention Programme in Ghana
A little girl proudly clutches her Christmas Bundle courtesy of a Partner West Africa volunteer-led appeal to provide Christmas Gifts for children in our local communities
Volunteer West Africa volunteers capture children from a rural community saying goodbye and thank you after a VWA event provided them with a range of new school equipment
Partner West Africa staff help capture video of VWA projects to design promotional fund raising materials
Partner West Africa team member Matt with a family PWA raised money and foods for for Christmas
A group of children pose for a volunteer taking photos for a Newsletter to explain recent developments to sponsors of our Daycare & Nursery for vulnerable Children in Ghana
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Project Aims, Objectives & Activities

Programme Aims & Objectives:
  • Improve and develop PWA's in-house fundraising & promotional approaches and policies;
  • Increase awareness of PWA's activities and the challenges faced by the families and children we care for;
  • Raise funds and materials to help sustain and improve PWA's work in future;
  • Develop relationships with new supporters, partners and funding organisations to ensure PWA's continued growth and sustainability.
Programme Activities:
  • Plan, research and gather information/data to help PWA integrate best-practice promotional approaches in to all areas of our operations and administration;
  • Conduct research in to opportunities for PWA to provide additional services or partner with local organisations on issues of shared interest;
  • Help train locally recruited PWA staff on fundraising and promotional practice and approaches;
  • Promote PWA's work and projects by creating articles, videos, photo-journals and other materials for publication on PWA's website and social media platforms;
  • Help identify and design individual areas for PWA appeals to raise awareness, funds or materials for specific causes;
  • Fund raise and appeal for materials or resources that will improve and help sustain VWA's work and operations;
  • Form partnerships and alliances with other local actors and organise events to discuss and share knowledge on local development issues;
  • Monitor and evaluate PWA's promotional activities and policies and suggest improvements, innovations & new approaches.

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