Malaria Prevention Programme (MPP)

Screening, Treatment & Education

Location: Ghana
Current Programme Phase of Operation:
Monitoring & Evaluation


PWA's Malaria Prevention Programme (MPP) delivers a range of malaria screening, prevention, and education services which allow local families to protect themselves. Based on the high level of infant and child mortality associated with malaria in our local communities, this programme, quite simply, saves lives. Having passed through it's Phase-1 research, testing & implementation, our MPP is now being scrutinsed by our monitoring & evaluation team to prepare our 2017 MPP scope of works.

The PWA & VWA Malaria Prevention Programme
Volunteering in Africa to improve childrens health through Malaria prevention and treatment works with Partner West Africa
A team of Partner West Africa volunteers at the end of a successful Malaria project in one of West Africas largest slums
Parents & children gather at the Partner West Africa compound to start a Malaria prevention and education programme with Volunteer West Africa volunteers delivering workshops and clinical testing & treatment services
Partner West Africa staff & volunteers working house-to-house in the local community to instal and treated Malaria nets that will protect families from mosquitos for years to come
VWA Volunteer, Sophie, helping to organise community members at a Partner West Africa Malaria & health screening event in the local community of Kokrobite
Volunteers and Partner West Africa staff presenting a workshop on Malaria prevention and treatment to the local community at the Partner West Africa compound
A Partner West Africa community Malaria Prevention Workshop to promote preventative measures at a secondary school in the community of Opeikuma, Ghana
A little girl plays with VWA volunteers during a VWA community health & malaria screening event
A Partner West Africa staff member talks to parents during a malaria net distribution & fitting event in the community of Kokrobite, Ghana
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Project Aims, Objectives & Activities

Programme Aims & Objectives:


Programme Activities:
  • Plan, research and gather information/data to continue to improve and develop PWA's Malaria prevention approaches and programme;
  • Work with partners, such as the Ghana Healthcare Service, to plan clinical Malaria screening and treatment events in the local community;
  • Work with the children at the VWA Daycare & Nursery for vulnerable children to monitor the children and their families for Malaria and offer advice and treatment as required;
  • Train VWA's locally recruited staff to improve their Malaria knowledge and reactive approaches;
  • Work with the local community to disseminate advice, guidance & resources to aid the prevention of Malaria, including community workshops, parents teacher association meetings, or other community events and opportunities;
  • Fund raise and appeal for materials or resources that will improve and help sustain PWA's work in the prevention of Malaria;
  • Form partnerships and alliances with other local actors working on Malaria prevention, to help coordinate responses and share information;
  • Monitor and evaluate PWA's Malaria prevention activities and suggest improvements or new approaches;
  • Help promote our work and stories through our website and social media to secure further future support and volunteer engagement.

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