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Volunteer in schools in Ghana, West Africa
Volunteer in schools in Ghana, West Africa
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Sarah - Spain

Programme Completed: Multidisciplinary Volunteering Programmes

Date Posted: 17/08/2018

I definitely recommend volunteering with PWA to people who are eager to learn about Ghanaian culture and lifestyle. I would also recommend it to people who want to get a feel of how NGOs function and how development work can be conducted.

I definitely recommend volunteering with PWA to people who are eager to learn about Ghanaian culture and lifestyle. I would also recommend it to people who want to get a feel of how NGOs function and how development work can be conducted. Nonetheless, I want to stress the importance of getting as much information as possible about one’s specific placement prior to arrival. I believe that only by having a very clear idea of the nature, pace, and intensity of different volunteer placements can potential volunteers understand how fitting PWA work is for them. 

I came to volunteer with PWA for five weeks, due to two main reasons. On the one hand, I wanted to contribute to the Gender Project, as well as the work with Ghanaian partner schools. On the other, I was hoping to get to know the Ghanaian community and culture on a deeper level than what tourism could offer. In both ways, I feel satisfied with my PWA experience.

One highlight of my placement was the PWA staff and the other volunteers. Everyone in the volunteer compound has been kind, supportive, and flexible throughout my placement. I have been blessed with great travel recommendations for the weekends, insanely good Ghanaian food, and useful advice for enjoying life in Kokrobite. For that I am extremely grateful.

Throughout my placement I have worked with 4 other volunteers at a time; some of which came for very similar dates than me, and others that I only saw for a couple weeks. I am certainly happy to have met them all. Although I did not feel lonely at any point during my stay, I wish I would have known exactly how many volunteers I was going to work with before committing to my PWA placement. For someone who struggles being on his or her own, I recommend finding placement dates that coincide with other volunteers for a significant amount of time.

In retrospect, I also wish I would have looked more into my specific role in projects prior to arrival. For example, I visited the House of Grace School for Deaf Children and the Divine Home Nursery and School. Both were great learning experiences and also very enjoyable environments. However, I only had one week to work with each school because of timing: Ghanaian schools close around mid-July. If I had known that my time with specific schools was going to be cut short, I would have considered changing the dates of my placement. I do recommend working with specific Ghanaian schools for the longest possible, because getting to know well the students and teachers is definitely worthwhile.

Another project related aspect that is useful to know before arrival is what stage of the project one will contribute to. I mainly worked in the Gender Project, which I quite enjoyed. Nevertheless, I was surprised to find out that a large part of my role in the Gender Project involved data analysis. This meant that I had to spend some workdays almost entirely sitting in front of a computer, which I did not anticipate nor enjoy a lot. Even though I am still happy with my involvement in the Gender Project, I recommend potential volunteers to get as familiar as they can with the type of work that they might do in the future. Hours worked per day, amount of time spent inside and outside the volunteer compound, number of people working on the same project, or budget for the project, are all helpful information to know before starting a volunteer placement. Without this project related knowledge, workdays can be tough and it can be quite difficult to understand if and how useful one is being to the community.

Overall, I am glad to have completed my volunteer placement in Ghana. I find that, as long as one knows what they are getting into, PWA can offer a valuable experience for people who are interested in development or West African culture. Ghana, I will miss you! 

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