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Volunteer with vulnerable children with PWA, an ethical charity in Ghana, West Africa
Volunteer with vulnerable children with PWA, an ethical charity in Ghana, West Africa
Teach educational workshops in schools in Ghana, West Africa
Explore Ghana, West Africa with fellow volunteers
Volunteer in schools in Ghana and help the students do cultural exchange projects
Run educational workshops at schools and in the communities

Alexia - Spain

Programme Completed: Multidisciplinary Volunteering Programmes

Date Posted: 17/08/2018

I was at Partner West Africa for 5 weeks...I’ve absolutely loved getting to know Ghanaian culture, learning about development organizations, and working closely with the local community.

I was at Partner West Africa for 5 weeks, taking part in the Multidisciplinary Volunteer Programme with my sister Sarah. It allowed me to be involved in the International Schools Partnership Programme, the Female Health & Gender Equality Programme, the Children’s Health, Hygiene & Nutrition Programme, and the Creative Early Years & Child Rights Programme. I’ve absolutely loved getting to know Ghanaian culture, learning about development organizations, and working closely with the local community. So I definitely recommend this programme to anyone who has these goals in mind. If that sounds like you, read on for some pieces of advice and more about my experience in Ghana!

My first tip (and probably the most important one) if you want to volunteer, is that you make sure you get as much information as possible about your placement. Even though my time in Ghana has been very fulfilling overall, the first few weeks were a bit disappointing. This was because although the staff and other volunteers at the house were extremely welcoming, and getting to know the community was great, in terms of the actual volunteer work the expectation I had of my placement didn’t match the reality I found once I arrived. Before I made the decision to volunteer with PWA, I hadn’t been made aware of the dates when the schools would close, the slow pace of the gender research, or the amount of computer work that I would be doing. So if you’re considering volunteering here, look around the website, read a few more testimonies, and ask as many questions as you need to make sure that you’re well informed.

What will a regular workday look like for you? How much time will you spend indoors? How far along are the projects? What do recent volunteers have to say about them? How many volunteers will be working with you? Are there any specific qualifications that would be helpful for you to have? What’s the budget or is there a budget for your project? Take your time to find out the answers and have a think about whether PWA offers the right programme for you. That way if you do decide to volunteer with PWA, you won’t be surprised with the kind of work that PWA sets out for you to do.

That said, PWA tries to give you as much flexibility as possible so that you can make the best out of your placement. For example, I was especially interested in childcare and education, and it’s what my involvement in the projects revolved around. My favorite bits of project work were the more interactive ones, where I went out to the local schools Divine Home and House of Grace. Spending time with the kids and the teachers at the schools, and at the end being able to see that the effort put in made a difference to them is what made my volunteer placement worthwhile. A big thank you to the PWA team for making it happen!

Aside from the project work, a few things I would recommend doing while in Ghana: enjoy reggae night at Big Millys, appreciate how friendly people are, buy fabric from Kaneshie market so that you can get clothes made in Kokrobite, get a painting from Adjingo’s shop, try Kasempa gin, treat yourself to an afternoon at Bojo beach. Those were a few of the social and cultural highlights of my trip, that I hope you will have the opportunity to experience too.

I wish you all the best on your next adventure.

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