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Volunteer with vulnerable children in Ghana, West Africa
Volunteer with vulnerable children in Ghana, West Africa
Volunteer in healthcare projects for children and adults
Learn sign language while volunteering in Ghana, West Africa
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Chillie S. Amuzu

Programme Completed: Multidisciplinary Volunteering Programmes

Date Posted: 08/09/2017

I'm 30 years and I respond to the name Chillie. I'm a Ghanaian and a third-year student at the University College of Management Studies (UCOMS)-Accra, Ghana.

I'm 30 years and I respond to the name Chillie. I'm a Ghanaian and a third-year student at the University College of Management Studies (UCOMS)-Accra, Ghana.

I volunteered with Partner West Africa (PWA) this summer 2017 as a project assistant doing cultural orientations for volunteers and helping plan and deliver projects. The experience is indeed awesome. Right from the welcoming atmosphere at the PWA guest house to the ethical delivery of projects in deprived communities, it is incredible. Many were the wonderful experiences I had which will linger in memories for ages. I don't even know where to start from but will seize this moment to thank PWA for the opportunity to volunteer with them. It has been helpful as I've learned new things which are in line with my academic and career pursuits. Also sending warm greetings to all the summer team members- without each and every one of them, the projects wouldn't have been successful. Back in the PWA guest house, the safety of the staff and volunteers is assured, not forgetting the delicious Ghanaian meals prepared by Naa - the PWA cook. The guest house is sited a stone’s throw away from Kokrobite beach, which is an ideal place for relaxation after a long day and weekend chill outs.

It has been a privilege to be a part of the Malaria Prevention Programme (MPP), International Schools Partnership Project (ISPP) and the Oral Health Workshops organised by PWA in schools and communities. I miss every experience I had, but the encounter with the children at House of Grace School for the deaf and hearing-impaired children actually crowns it all, though I've been working with other vulnerable children over the past few years. I guess you're thinking what's so special about these children but I grew up in a community where the deaf and dumb were neglected, teased, mocked and at times considered as mentally unsound just because of their disability. This made them feel uncomfortable and isolated as not being a part of the society in which they find themselves. But something did change which confirms the adage, 'disability is not inability'. Every bit of my time with these children is worth it so I really did enjoy their company. They have reasoning and intellect! It's just a matter of understanding them.

I was startled and couldn't believe my eyes when these kids taught our team and volunteers how to spell names and communicate in basic sign language. Guess what? My perception about them changed immediately and I had no option than to love them more. The beautiful smiles and warm welcome from these children made the experience even more enjoyable leaving indelible memories in mind.

Considering the myriads of activities under the ISPP, it was fun-filled when we got these children to write about themselves, their likes and dislikes, what they do before and after school hours, their future career and a few to mention. Undoubtedly, I loved every moment I spent with these children as I have had the opportunity to exhibit my skills and learned something new. If nothing at all to show, then it isn't the ability to sign the alphabets, numbers and make basic sentences in Sign Language. I'm filled with unquantified gratitude to PWA for giving me the opportunity to volunteer with them as an intern.

You may be on the look out for a place to volunteer. PWA is the best place for you if you really want ethical volunteering on display. I will recommend PWA for the feasible life-impacting projects they deliver and the use of donated funds and items for the purposes for which they were donated.

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