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Jeff - UK

Programme Completed: Multidisciplinary Volunteering Programmes

Date Posted: 25/10/2017

I love the community feel wherever we’ve been and there is a real togetherness. I love that the people are thankful and grateful for what they have and that the community is at the centre of their lives – particularly faith communities.

Jeff [the group leader and youth worker] volunteered with Partner West Africa (PWA) on a cultural exchange trip in partnership with the ‘Pioneer’s Project’ in the UK. The focus of group trips for young people are different to PWA’s individual volunteer opportunities; while the trip is still tailored to the groups individual needs and skills, the overarching aim is to give young people a first-hand experience of life in a country different to their own, helping to unpick prejudice, break down cultural barriers, promote understanding and empathy, and to encourage young people to become responsible global citizens.


"[Kokrobite is] a very cool place and it would have been good to explore more of it and to experience the street vendors foods. The beach is beautiful and the people friendly.

Ghana: love it! So hot but bearable. I love the community feel wherever we’ve been and there is a real togetherness. I love that the people are thankful and grateful for what they have and that the community is at the centre of their lives – particularly faith communities. The UK seems more individualistic and more selfish and has less sense of community than Ghana. Food is great, love the use of spices but it would have been great to experience more street food. Love the vibrancy and colour of Ghanaian culture and this seems to add to the general happiness displayed by the local people.

The PWA team have been great and very welcoming and Sophie has helped to make the experience and adjustment easier. She is extremely supportive and approachable and has responded to queries, concerns and observations positively and promptly. Inusah has been brilliant and it has been great to have a Ghanaian show us around and share his experiences. Naa’s cooking is awesome and so tasty. Isaac has kept the place clean. The guesthouse is clean, tidy and comfortable and has enough Western aspects to make the transition smooth. Nice place to stay.

I wish there was more and a greater opportunity to see projects in greater depth but I understand the time needed to reflect and absorb what we have experienced. It was a pleasure to visit St Peter’s School and receive such a warm welcome – the dancing was a highlight. Langma hill view – amazing. Football at St Peter’s – amazing... House of Grace School for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Children was a wonderful but challenging experience and highlighted the challenge of disability both to those who are disabled and those who aren’t. Good for the group to encounter this and have to find ways to work around it. Cape Coast was incredibly poignant and challenging but a great place to visit. It made me angry and sad about the role of my ancestors. Agbogbloshie [a vast shanty town in the city of Accra] – WOW! I have so much admiration and respect for the residents of this community. They show how to be resourceful, resilient, together and content even in the most harsh and challenging of environments. It was an honour to witness and experience this place, and it was nowhere near as bad as I expected.

[The overall experience was] simply amazing. Well worth it."


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