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The gates to the kingdom! Welcome to VWA Ghana...
Volunteer West Africa Welcomes You!
Volunteering abroad in Africa with children: Volunteer West Africa
VWA volunteer meeting students at Ghanas Fayef International School
Volunteer in Ghana with orphaned African children
Volunteer Projects in Ghana, Africa with Volunteer West Africa
Volunteering in Africa in childcare and education
Volunteering in Africa on Health & Hygiene Projects
Volunteers for Africa working in VWAs childcare project
A student at VWAs Childcare Nursery in Oshieye, Ghana
Chilling in the guesthouse garden with fellow volunteers
The children attending the Partner West Africa Nursery and Daycare Centre for Vulnerable Children are given free healthcare alongside their education
The Ghanaian Governments Regional Director of Education visits the VWA Nursery for vulnerable children
Volunteer at an African childrens nursery
Volunteers in West Africa organise a VWA fun day with local children
VWA Volunteer teaching in the classroom at a local school
VWA volunteer visits children at Ghanian school
Gap year Volunteering in Africa: Beautiful Sunset!
Get experience in NGO fieldwork volunteering with Partner West Africa
Volunteer Projects in Ghana, Africa. Fun days for local children!
Volunteering in Africa to help street children access child and health care
Volunteers for Africa help out with the cooking for 80 children
Volunteers meet a beautiful old lady in Accra, Ghana
VWA Volunteer, Matt, invited to meet the regional Ghanaian traditional Chiefs!
All Partner West Africas programmes are based on the communitys needs, here is PWA volunteer Erica delivering a focus group to the community of Oshieye, Ghana, asking them about healthcare and sanitation facilities.
Ethical NGO work follows the needs of the communities they serve, here volunteers carry out some research
Ethical VWA Volunteer Projects in Kokrobite, Ghana, Africa
PWA volunteer assisting at a community malaria prevention screening event
Volunteering for charity with children in Africa
Volunteering on the Malaria Prevention Programme: you can help families hang the nets in their homes
Volunteering with VWA in West Africa with children
Volunteers relaxing together at the PWA guesthouse
VWA volunteer Sussie working on a free VWA community healthcare project
VWA Volunteer, Tyler, working to provide free healthcare to VWAs partner rural communities
Childrens charity, Partner West Africa, works with parents to meet the childrens needs in the most ethical way
The children attending the Partner West Africa Nursery and Daycare Centre in Ghana, West Africa were enthralled by the recorder lessons that a PWA volunteer Lucy took whilst staying with us
Volunteer in Africa & meet the (huge) locals!
Volunteer to run play sessions in the PWA daycare centre and at local schools
Volunteer with children and young people in Ghana West Africa
VWA Volunteer on a photography project
Oral health iniative in Ghana, West Africa
Partner West Africa Volunteer discusses local health issues with nurses in Ghana, West Africa
Volunteer programmes with VWA volunteers in Ghana, Africa
Volunteer Projects in Ghana, Africa
Volunteering in Africa on Health & Hygiene Projects
Volunteering with children in Africa, Ghana
Volunteers in Africa complete a newly finished childrens play park
Happy children at the Volunteer West Africa Nursery in Ghana
Here we see Partner West Africa volunteer, Ella, working on a promotional video to support and sponsor children who attend the PWA Nursery and Daycare Centre for Vulnerable Children in Ghana, West Africa.
The children at the VWA Nursery eagerly supping down lunch!
Volunteer for an African Charity in Kokrobite, Ghana
Volunteer to run play sessions in the PWA daycare centre and at local schools
Volunteering projects in Ghana, West Africa
Volunteers for Africa organise a community celebration and invite local school children
Volunteers meet children at a graduation ceremony in Ghana, Africa
A Partner West Africa volunteer, tests a young child for malaria. The Malaria Prevention Programme targets the most vulnerable groups of children and adults in Ghana, West Africa
Bringing experts together to share information: a effective, ethical way to tackle local health issues
Creative education with the dual purpose of malaria prevention education!
The children at the Partner West Africa Nursery and Daycare Centre are looking forward to meeting you
Volunteer teaching with children in Ghana, West Africa
Volunteer with Children in Kokrobite, Africa
Volunteering in Africa to support young children and families
Volunteering Programme for Charity in Africa
Here we have Partner West Africa volunteer Sarah taking afternoon story time in the PWA Nursery and Daycare Centre for Vulnerable Children.
Volunteer West Africa Guard Dog: Beetay!
Volunteering in Africa to help children access education
Partner West Africa volunteer Ella demonstrating good toothbrushing technique at an oral health workshop in Ghana, West Africa
Teach children in Ghana with Volunteer West Africa
Volunteer in Africa to protect vulnerable children with Volunteer West Africa
Volunteering in Africa: VWA Volunteering is the best!
Volunteering on the Malaria Prevention Programme: heres Partner West Africa volunteer Tom distributing donated mosquito nets
VWA nursers carrying out health checks on VWA nursery children
VWA volunteer Sophie after her health workshop with students & mums from the VWA Nursery
A child sponsored by Volunteer West Africa tries her school uniform on for the first time
A woman in Ghana, West Africa recieves a free mosquito net and information leaflet to help prevent malaria infection for her and her children
Children at the Partner West Africa Nursery and Daycare Centre for Vulnerable Children get nutritious food each day, volunteer on the childrens health, hygiene and nutrition programme
Volunteer in Africa and teach children in the classroom
Volunteer your skills to support cultural exchange between children in Ghana, West Africa and Europe on the International Schools Partnership Programme
Volunteering in Jamestown, Ghana, Africa
Volunteers & VWA staff at VWA Projects in Ghana, Africa
Volunteers sharing a meal in the beautiful PWA guesthouse garden
VWA volunteers watch a Ghanian school drama group perform in Africa
Workshops run by volunteers for children in Ghana, West Africa about health and hygiene
As a volunteer with Partner West Africa you can train local teachers in areas such as malaria prevention, nutrition, hygiene and health care
Chilling in the guesthouse garden with fellow volunteers
Partner West Africa volunteer consulting local women, essential for ethical charity work
Volunteer Projects in Kokrobite, Ghana, West Africa
Volunteering organisations in Africa led by VWA
Volunteers in Africas best volunteering charity: Volunteer West Africa
Group health and safety orientation in PWAs tropical gardens
Malaria education session in Ghana, West Africa delivered by volunteers
Volunteer for Africa with VWA: help vulnerable children!
Volunteer in VWAs African Childcare Centre
VWA Volunteers film a Ghanian graduation ceremony
Learning a traditional Ghanaian game during a break in work
Volunteer at the VWA Nursery: Welcome to School!
Volunteer for an African Charity & Orphanage
Volunteer with children in Ghana, West Africa
VWA Volunteers watch African drumming and dance in Ghana
Children at the Fayef School in Ghana taking class
Partner West Africa volunteer discussing childrens health and education needs
The Malaria Prevention Programme includes malaria education for the children attending the PWA Nursery and Daycare Centre in Ghana, West Africa, heres volunteer Taylah teaching about mosquito nets
Volunteer in Africa & work with amazing children!
Volunteering in Africa to help children access care services
Focus groups with the  community help us identify the communities needs, essential for ethical NGO work
Lucy, volunteering with Partner West Africa before starting a degree in music, spent time working on the School Partnership Programme, here she is filming a short performance of Jingle Bells on the recorder.
Many children benefit from donations of toothbrushes and toothpaste alongside education delivered by volunteers
Morning toolbox talk to make final arrangements for the day
Volunteer in Africa in nutrition and basic child care
Volunteer Projects in Ghana, Africa
Volunteering with orphans in Africa
Volunteers for Africa working with children on a charitable project in Ghana
Volunteer on the family health, hygiene and nutrition programme with vulnerable young children in Ghana, West Africa
Volunteer on the International Schools Partnership Programme connecting West African children with European children, encourage cultural exchange and responsible global citizenship
Volunteering in Africa on Health & Hygiene Projects
Volunteers recieving an enthusiastic welcome for a partner school
Work with children and young people from the local community doing education workshops and events
Teach girls in Ghana, West Africa
Volunteer in Africa in VWAs hygiene and health projects
Volunteer West Africa volunteer with his class
Chilling in the guesthouse garden with fellow volunteers
Malaria Prevention Programme distributing mosquito nets to children in Ghana, West Africa
Skills in education? Volunteer with children in Ghana, West Africa
volunteer with children in Africa at VWAs childcare facility
Meeting in the PWA guesthouse before going out to complete project work
NGO, Partner West Africa, works with local women to get their views on issues important to them and their children
Partner West Africa volunteer enjoying some beach fun with vulnerable children from Ghana, West Africa
The children attending the Partner West Africa Nursery and Daycare Centre in Ghana, West Africa who love having volunteers come and help with fun activities, here theyre enjoying some arts and crafts education time.
VWA Volunteers for Africa play with children in the community
Arts & Crafts volunteering project in Ghana, West Africa
Ensuring donated materials are used in an ethical and effective manner: malaria education in action
Partner West Africa volunteer giving health care to vulnerable children in Ghana, West Africa
Learning about water supply to a rural village community and how this affects aspects such as access to education
Volunteer organisations & charities in Africa
Volunteering on the International Schools Partnership Programme educates and builds relationships between children in Ghana and the UK
VWA Volunteer Sophie working on a community health project in Ghana
VWA Volunteer Tyler and VWA team member Kofi relaxing
Beach football with a partner school
PWA volunteer filming an interview with a local teacher involved in the International Schools Partnership Programme
Volunteers presenting their research findings into local health care and sanitation services
Volunteers, Alex and Erica, analysing local healthcare records to help them understand the communities needs better
Creative education in the Partner West Africa Nursery and Daycare Centre for Vulnerable Children, just one volunteer programme you can work on
Environmental Volunteer Project in Africa, Ghana
Partner West Africa volunteer checking the condition of mosquito nets in the village of Oshieye, Ghana
The VWA team settling down to lunch
Volunteer Projects in Ghana, Africa
Volunteer with children in Africa
Volunteering in Africa in Ghana
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Partner West Africa, through its internal volunteering department 'Volunteer West Africa' (VWA) offers maximum, ethical, international volunteering flexibility, allowing both groups and individuals to engage in bespoke volunteer placements that specifically make the very most of the unique skills, knowledge, interests and ambitions they have to offer.

If you or your team/organisation have expertise or experience that can improve the services we offer or the projects we undertake, our team will work with you to match your profile with the current needs and priorities of the children, families and communities we support. This collaborative approach represents the 'Partner' in Partner West Africa, allowing our volunteers to engage with the community and our projects in the most effective and meaningful manner possible.
Volunteer Activities - 'Sharing your Knowledge & Expertise':
The possibilities for those who wish to work in meaningful, genuine, field-based NGO work are many...
VWA works across Partner West Africa's international development disciplines and projects, working primarily to allow our volunteers to share their knowledge, skills and expertise with local actors. We have placed hundreds of volunteers and groups from a broad range of backgrounds, ages and locations since our formation in 2013. Whether under-graduates or seasoned professionals, you will be surprised at how much you have to offer when working in a developing context in which the slightest injection of skills and knowledge can empower local people to become catalysts for change. Our team has placed both students studying to be, and professionals already qualified as; engineers, teachers, nurses, marketing managers, IT specialists, dentists, fund-raisers, administrators, sociologists, tourism managers, biologists, graphic designers, humanitarian workers, childcare professionals, amongst many, many others. Many volunteers initially doubt that they have something valuable to offer, but, trust us, you might just be surprised.
Your VWA volunteer placement can combine your specific area of project work with assisting in the day-to-day operations of a busy and passionate NGO. In this way, Volunteer West Africa placements offer extremely valuable work experience for any individual looking to develop a career or field-experience in he humanitarian or international development sectors: we can give you valid, serious placement that will enhance your understanding of development work and strengthen your C.V. Whether you choose to work on one of our existing projects or you choose to research and develop a new project alongside us, VWA can offer you one of the richest, rewarding and most ethical volunteering experiences available.
Here are just a few of the activities or initiatives you might choose to undertake:

A typical VWA volunteer placement gives the volunteer a main focus on sharing their knowledge and expertise in an educational or training setting, but also some experience working in secondary areas. For example, if you wanted to work on our Malaria Prevention Programme, you might combine research in to malaria in the local community, with the design and delivery of knowledge-sharing, educational malaria prevention workshops, with a combination of general, day-to-day activities that to help us in other project areas or in the general management of our busy NGO. 

From conducting needs assessment of local vulnerable peoples, to designing and delivering workshops in women's or child rights, to implementing community-wide malaria screening and treatment programmes, we can offer you a wide range of volunteering activities that will achieve challenging but valuable aims & objectives.
The Volunteer West Africa Daycare & Nursery Centre:
The VWA Daycare & Nursery Centre is one of our key projects, and due to its location within the same compound as our beautiful, beach-side volunteer guest house, most VWA volunteers will spend at least some of their volunteer placement working with the children at the Centre to help provide care, classes, or extra-curricular activities. While you may choose a separate project area for your main volunteer placement focus, it is likely that you will still stop in at the Centre on occasion to greet the children and help out other volunteers and team members with the classes, events and activities that the Centre provides. For that reason, we give you a little bit of information here about the Partner West Africa Daycare & Nursery centre...
The Centre is a new initiative, opened in just 2014, which offers critical support services - in education, healthcare, and social care - to up to 70 pre-school aged children. All the children who attend the Centre have been identified as vulnerable or needing special assistance through comprehensive assessments undertaken by our team and in conjunction with the local community. As a new project, which we inherited to prevent children who were being cared for by a local lady, who was retiring, putting the children's ongoing care at risk, we have had to react quickly with the project to adapt our premises, hire staff, and put in place the basic policies and practices required. As we moved in to 2017 we were in a position to start developining and improve the centre, looking at higher standards of services, increased funding, and potentially more places for more children. So all volunteers are joining a young and dynamic project which is just getting started! 
Whether you decide to work at the Centre on a full-time basis, or whether you have a separate main project focus but participate in events or activities at the Centre on special occasions, we are sure that your time with the children and staff at the Centre will form some of the most rewarding and unforgettable memories of your volunteer placement.
To learn more about the Centre, please click here.
The Ethical Choice:
Volunteer West Africa is at the forefront of ethical international volunteering debate and implementation. We are members of the 'Beter Volunteering, Better Care' Network - a leading consortium of organisations opposed to volunteering approaches which can be harmful to children - and we are regularly invited to engage in academic research, debate and events, within the international development community, as a leading advocate of ethical volunteering approaches. 
For your peace of mind, all services provided by you as a VWA volunteer are 100% free to the children and communities we support. As a 100% not-for-profit NGO/Charity, audited in the UK by the UK Charities Commission, we are not part of the mainstream or commercial voluntourism sector. We are a fully operational NGO that accepts suitable volunteers to participate in our projects. Your work as a Volunteer West Africa volunteer will also be delivered under our license to implement humanitarian and development projects issued by the Ghanaian Social Welfare Department and audited by, our partners, the Ghana Healthcare Service and the Ghanaian Ministry of Education where appropriate. As a VWA volunteer you therefore gain NGO field work experience in a legitimate, safe and best-practice ethical manner.
And as VWA is an integral part of the communities in which we work, with our team of individuals who were recruited and trained locally by us, as a VWA volunteer you can rest assured that you are joining a local, thoughtful and grass-roots organisation which understands the priorities and needs of the people we serve and can give you full and safe access to the community and the people we are trying to assist. Our projects and programmes are not designed thousands of miles away by an international organisation which does not understand or appreciate the local context and we do not treat our local communities as promotional tools to attract funding or volunteer engagement. The importance of this approach is captured perfectly here in an article by the highly respected think tank 'Responsible Volunteering'.
So if you want to ensure that your experience as a volunteer in Africa is as rewarding and valuable as possible, that you engage in genuine and well structured NGO and field work experience activities, and that your time and efforts are ethically controlled and defined wholly by the needs of, and close working relationship with, the local community... volunteer with PWA through 'Volunteer West Africa'.
If you would like more information about the fees associated with your food and accommodation as a volunteer, or the availability of our projects, please click here.
Or if you would like to speak with a member of our team about volunteering with our organisation, please contact us here.

What our Volunteers Say

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